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Holidays in Bend Oregon

Vacation Rentals in Bend For New Year’s 2019

The 2010s are coming to a close, and we’ll be heading into the next decade together with vacation rentals in Bend. This is a big New Year’s to celebrate, so why not make the most of it and take a trip to a city as beautiful as our lovely Bend? Come and do the countdown with us and bring in your new year with the wonders of winter. Redmond: Countdown...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

What Makes Bend a Great Holiday Destination?

Bend, Oregon is a gorgeous community with a surrounding landscape that will continually take your breath away, from the majestic mountains to the quiet cafes in town. Year-round, Bend opens its arms to visitors, and during the holidays the atmosphere turns downright magical. There are a thousand reasons to head to Bend for the holidays. Here are just a few: Picturesque Scenery If you were to take a moment to...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

Plan a Thanksgiving 2019 Getaway to Bend

There’s no better gift you could give the family this year than a trip outside tradition to Bend, Oregon for a Thanksgiving getaway they’ll never forget. Here in Bend, late November is a priceless time of year. You’ll get to see not only all our gorgeous fall foliage, but you’ll get to enjoy our fall activities too! Here are some of the things we’re most excited for this year during...

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Attractions in Bend

Halloween in Bend Oregon- 2019 Events

October is one of our favorite times of year here in Bend, Oregon. The trees are all aflame with the shades of autumn, and once October hits, that means it’s time for Halloween activities! It’s the perfect time to come if you want to get involved with the community and spend some time both outdoors and indoors. Here are some of the events we’re most excited for this year: No...

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Your Labor Day Weekend Vacation to Bend

The city of Bend, Oregon in September is a breathtaking sight that you’ll never forget. It’s one of our favorite times of the year (it’s light sweater weather here when September hits, and the leaves are just beginning to change color) and we’re excited that you’ll get to see it! Here are some great ideas for what to do while you’re here in Bend for Labor Day Weekend: Saturday Take...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

Bend 4th of July Celebration

The year is whizzing by, and before you know it, it’ll be July 4th. Where should you be celebrating this year? Nowhere other than Bend, Oregon! This is an area that’s off the beaten path, for a cozy Bend 4th of July celebration unlike any other. Pet Parade & Festival This is an old-fashioned Bend tradition that has been going on since 1932 and is hosted by the city. A...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

3 Ways to Keep the Family Entertained Over Thanksgiving in Bend Oregon

Finding a reason to travel to Bend, Oregon is never a difficult task. There are enough things to do and see along with a community that provides endless fun events, so it is always a good time to visit. But as Thanksgiving comes around, this place comes to life with the spirit of the holidays. For this reason, a Thanksgiving spent here is sure to be one of the most...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

What to Do in Bend Oregon for Halloween 2018?

There is always something fun going on in Bend. This packed schedule, along with the incredible beauty here, make it a no-brainer destination for a vacation regardless of the time of year. But when the fall season is in full swing and Halloween is coming around, there are more reasons than ever to visit Bend. This is because you will find many ideas on what to do in Bend to...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

Memorial Day Activities in Bend

Looks may be deceiving. While Bend may seem like your normal sleepy mountain town, it’s actually quite the opposite! The town of Bend is a bustling area full of incredible events to see and adventures to take part in, and one of the best times to do it is on Memorial Day weekend! If you’re planning on spending this Memorial Day in Bend, here are some of the great events...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

Oregon Valentine’s Day | Valentine’s Day in Bend

When you’re planning this year’s Oregon Valentine’s Day celebration, there’s a lot of pressure—we get it! You need to make this one perfect and the most memorable yet. Well, we’ve got an idea for you: Why not spend this year’s Valentine’s Day in a romantic winter wonderland in the mountains? This year, spend your Valentine’s Day in the Bend area! Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in the Mountains One of the best...

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