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Christmas 2019 in Bend

Bend at Christmastime is the closest thing to magic that any of us will ever experience. The only thing you can do is come and see it for yourself! Immerse yourself in the beauty of winter in one of the loveliest cities. Here are a few of the things we’re most excited about for Bend Christmas 2019: Holiday Marketplace Take a little trip to Sunriver on November 24th and 25th...

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A Winter Getaway to Bend

Savor the best season of the year in Bend, Oregon. Take your winter by the reins this year and make it an unforgettable experience, whether you’re coming for the holidays, to quietly explore the natural environment, or to chase your adrenaline rush by skiing down slopes packed with fresh-fallen snow. The winter in Bend has treasures for everyone, and you’ll want to see them all. Winter Wonderland Some of the...

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Attractions in Bend

Halloween in Bend Oregon- 2019 Events

October is one of our favorite times of year here in Bend, Oregon. The trees are all aflame with the shades of autumn, and once October hits, that means it’s time for Halloween activities! It’s the perfect time to come if you want to get involved with the community and spend some time both outdoors and indoors. Here are some of the events we’re most excited for this year: No...

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How to See the Best of Bend in 3 Days: Bend Attractions

We all know how Bend is full of attractions, and it will take more than one visit to enjoy them all. But sometimes you only have enough time for a long weekend vacation. So, what are you going to do? Well, for one thing, you need a good plan. With so many attractions, you can’t possibly visit them all in your short visit, but you can still enjoy the best...

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Family Things to do in Bend Oregon: Mother’s Day Getaway

Bend knows how to celebrate Mother’s Day unlike any other place. There’s something for the human mom and the dog moma like to celebrate and enjoy on this special day. Whether you’re a mom yourself or you want to make your own mom feel special and appreciated on Mother’s Day, Bend has you covered. Take your mom to a special brunch or hit the Ale Trail together and get a...

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Restaurants in Bend

A Party Lover’s Guide to the Bend Nightlife

Bend is famous throughout the world for being THE place for outdoor fun. The hiking trails are plentiful, the landscape is so stunning you won’t want to be inside any longer than you have to, and skiing on Mt. Bachelor in the winter is an experience every skier adds to their bucket list. But what many people do not know is that unlike many mountain towns, the fun does not...

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Best New Restaurants in Bend

Nestled in the Cascade Mountains at over 3,600 feet in elevation, the historic former logging town of Bend, Oregon is home to world-class ski resorts, miles of hiking trails and a wealth of activities. But Bend is so much more than skiing and the great outdoors. Being that the area is a popular vacation destination that attracts visitors from around the globe, it’s no surprise that the town boasts a...

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World Muse Coming to Bend

Bend Vacation Rentals is a proud supporter of the fourth-annual Muse Conference this weekend, March 4-6, 2016. Held in Bend, Oregon, this inspiring women’s conference brings local women of all ages together with internationally-recognized artists, authors, athletes, entrepreneurs, activists and social change leaders to celebrate International Women’s Day as well as kick off Women’s History Month. We are honored to be providing luxury vacation rental accommodations for some of the out-of-town speakers, and are looking...

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Three-Day Yoga Retreat with Rolf Gates

Fall in Bend, Oregon, brings crisp fresh air, pure landscapes and pristine beauty that both locals and visitors enjoy and appreciate as they embrace activities like hiking, biking, and even outdoor mediation and yoga. This weekend’s retreat with acclaimed yogi Rolf Gates was a perfect way to savor the wonder of fall in Bend. We are blessed in Bend to have some of the best yoga studios in the Pacific Northwest, and Groove...

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Bend Wide Open

Traditionally, “putt-putt” golf courses have been all AstroTurf and populated by absurd obstacles like giant plastic  elephants that you have to aim a ball through. This is so much better: Bend Wide Open will transform Downtown Bend on Friday, June 20, into a mini-golf course, where  you can “putt-putt” your way through the various watering “holes.”  Cost is $20 per player, limited to 300 players, and players must be 21...

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