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If you’ve gone this far in your vacation destination search, you probably have already decided that our beautiful town offers some Bend Oregon activities for everyone, but do you really know how fun our town can be? Nature lover’s ears perk up at the sound of the yellow-bellied sap sucker’s melodic warble, while those who prefer an adventure that is less wild will thrill at the sight of the charming shops and boutiques that make up Bend’s urban landscape.

Outdoor sports change with the seasons. Skiing in the winter, biking in the spring, white-water rafting in the summer, and hiking along trails through the colorful woods in the fall are just a few of our favorite outdoor sports and activities in Bend Oregon that are a major part of what makes this region so popular.
From the naturally beautiful Lava River Cave to the naturally hip nightlife scene, Bend is a study of contrasts in its Bend OR activities. Where else can you enjoy fine dinners at haute cuisine restaurants one evening, only to find yourself picnicking next to a waterfall the next? Brewery tours, snowshoe adventures, and picture-perfect weddings—this is Bend, and we are happy to meet you! Keep reading to discover the adventures that await you during your memory filled Oregon vacation.

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