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Bend is one of Oregon’s famous destinations popular for its award-winning restaurants, amazing landscapes, and free-flowing rivers. Even after spending the past few days of your adventure exploring wildlife and lakes, there is still one more thing left on your to-do list. It is horseback riding, an activity that has gained a massive following over the years. Here’s all you need to know about horseback riding in Bend.

Scenic Trails In Bend

Horseback riding in Bend is designed to suit all levels of riders. Beginners are trained on the basics of the activity and are encouraged to keep the speed low. The beauty about it is that there are guides to keep you company all through. If it is your first time riding a horse, you must be excited about the experience of making new furry friends. Those in the advanced levels have their day to shine but caution is advised. With moderation, you will have a great time here in the Oregon wild. 

Comes with Incredible Views

Horseback rides in Bend come with fascinating views. The city is home to multiple trails all open for you to explore. The trails you use will largely depend on the horse tour company you select. Some have ranches while others prefer going out there in the wild. Trails leading to the free-flowing rivers of the city are the best as they bring avenues for new adventures. These rides also offer an alternative way of exploring Bend’s diverse landscapes instead of conventional hikes. 

Evening Group Outings are the Best

While the best time for horseback riding in Bend largely depends on individual tastes, there is something special about evening rides. Such outings expose you to the marvelous scene of the setting sun. Watching the sun sink in the valley on the opposite side of the city is something to be excited about. Also, the thrill is amplified when doing it as a group unlike when riding alone. These tours help create memories and are a unique opportunity for you to pursue art in the form of photography. 

Book Your Bend Holiday Home

After spending the better part of your day hopping from one location to another on the back of a horse, you will need a comfortable place to rest. With us is a well-curated list of properties that will make good holiday homes for your stay in the city. Get in touch today to reserve yours. 

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