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Bend Bowling

Looking for things to do in Bend with kids? When you live in an All-American town, you have to expect that many of the activities that are popular will be All-American ones as well, and it doesn’t get any more American than a good game of bowling! On cold winter nights, the warmth of friends, beer, and engaging in physical activity keeps you from getting too chilled, and on hot summer days, the air conditioned coolness makes the bowling alley a popular place to keep from getting overheated! When you stop and think about it, the bowling alley might be the most perfect place to hang out all year round, and because of that, we’ve included this list of Bend bowling alleys!

Lava Lanes Bend Bowling, 1555 NE Forbes Road

Bowling alleys have changed a little from our younger days. Today, while the fun of throwing a heavy ball down a polished lane to knock down white pins is still the mission, fancy lights and great music make it even more fun! And for families who are watching their vacation budgets burst at the seams, in addition to special deal nights, kids bowl free at this Bend bowling place! Lava Lanes offers all the above, and more: Cosmic Bowling from 9PM until Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, Monte Carlo Bowling on Tuesdays at $12:50 PM (participants can win cash and prizes), and Karaoke in the 300 Club Sports Bar on Friday and Saturday nights from 8PM until midnight, where any non-bowlers in your family can sing their lungs away the entire night.


Sun Mountain Fun Center, 300 NE Bend River Mall Drive

When traveling with your family, in your mind you always picture this happy little adventure where the entire family is singing funny car songs, laughing out loud as you share bonding meals together, and showing excitement over every new activity you take part in throughout your stay. Of course, everyone knows the reality is often extremely different; teens sulk in the back seat, listening to their own music choices while scrolling through their social network sites, someone is always angry that you’re not eating at McDonalds, and half the group will be thoroughly bored by half the activities!

This is where Sun Mountain Fun Center comes to the rescue! Offering 25 lanes of bowling, so no waiting will be involved, plus bumper cars, billiards, and a huge arcade as well as go karts and mini-golf, there’s something for everyone in your family to enjoy! And who knows, maybe bowling IS one of the things to do in Bend with kids that will bring the family together.


Your Bend Vacation Rentals Home Away from Home

Whichever Bend bowling alley you decide to attend, and no matter how poorly you perform, your night will end on a high note when you return each night to one of our cozy cabins. Not everyone can be a world class bowler, but everyone WILL enjoy a night sitting around a firepit looking at the stars as they talk, laugh, and bond. Contact us to reserve your vacation rental today!

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