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Wondering what to see in Bend Oregon to have a blast? When everyone else is trying to be just like everyone else, there are always the admired few that stand proud in their uniqueness, and if you have never met anyone like that, chances are YOU are the one! Well, we salute those individuals who dress in their own inimitable style, binge watch truly horrible movies just to laugh at the acting, or those who tend to be the ones who stop at roadside attractions that are just a little strange! If you are looking for peculiar things to do around Bend Oregon, this list if for you!

Lava River Cave

We’ve mentioned it before, but you have to admit that Lava River Cave definitely fits right into the strange category. An entire cave made from ancient molten lava? Sign us up! Created by the cooling of the lava flowing from a nearby volcanic eruption approximately 80,000 years ago (give or take a day or two!), this cool cave lasts for about a mile and offers a peek into the inner workings of a volcano.


Metolius Balancing Rocks

This is one of the things to do around Bend Oregon you must add to your list. Road trips are a favorite activity of ours, and if you’re willing to put in a little time behind the wheel, this next oddity will make you glad you did! The Metolius Balancing Rocks, located in Culver, Oregon, just about 30 something miles from Bend, will amaze you. Revealed when a forest fire devastated the area, these massive slabs of rock appear to be challenging the laws of gravity and are precariously perched atop hills of rock. Created by volcanic eruptions that occurred at different times, the balancing act never ceases to surprise.


Things to Do around Bend Oregon: Road Trip to Painted Hills

Time for another road trip! Located in Klamath Falls, about 80 miles outside of Bend in Mitchell, Oregon, the Painted Hills are a colorful section of Oregon landscape that makes for the perfect photo opportunity. This old floodplain was created over time by erosion and minerals and is also home to fossils from creatures that existed eons ago, making it the perfect sightseeing attraction for the future paleontologist in your group!


There’s No Place Else We Would Want to Live

Oregon, and Bend in particular, is one of the most beautiful and unusual places we have ever been to, and when you visit for the first time (or the thousandth), we’re pretty sure you will never want to leave! And while our Bend Vacation Rentals homes, condos, and cabins are not odd in the slightest, they WILL make you feel right at home. Reserve yours today and come explore the strange and awesome city of Bend! For more ideas on what to see in Bend Oregon and to book one of our vacation homes in Bend, contact us today!

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