Bend, Oregon is known for its beautiful weather and amazing outdoor locations, but one thing that seems to get overlooked are the amazing holiday attractions. One of the most fun holidays around Bend is Halloween. Since the area is chock full of old historical buildings, there are plenty of ghost stories to go around. Take a look at just some of the amazing scary attractions in Bend.

Lara House Lodge

The Lara House Lodge is a historic lodge that lies in Bend, Oregon. This historic residence is now a quaint bed and breakfast—and it is believed to be haunted! Guests staying here have reported a ghostly visitor to their rooms at night who has been known to move objects around and make unusual whispering noises. This little lodge has become a local legend, attracting thousands every year to stay within its walls, hoping to get a glimpse of something paranormal.

Platypus Pub

This converted church now houses a tavern, but has played host to a variety of restaurants since the 1970’s. The building is supposedly haunted, with staff and diners alike reporting a shadowy apparition and an unseen presence. Some say that the apparition is a prior cook, while some say it’s the owner from years past. Whatever the case may be, Platypus Pub is one of the local favorite haunted locations that is a must see if you are looking for an encounter with the paranormal.

O’Kane Building

On the top floor of the O’Kane Building, people have reported seeing weird lights from outside the building, and hearing voices and seeing smoke when there is no one around. In the restaurant, the ghost of a waitress can be heard shouting orders, while the apparition of an old man haunts the basement. This interesting building is the home to many different ghost stories, all more terrifying than the last.

Des Chute Historical Museum

This historic museum was formerly a schoolhouse and is believed to be haunted by the apparition of a man who passed away back in 1914. Known to staff as ‘George,’ he is responsible for moving objects around the building or making them disappear completely. Some also claim to have seen a misty white apparition drifting through the hallway after hours. There are many that have reported mystical events at the museum, but nothing concrete. Try out your stomach for the paranormal at this spooky location.

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