Bend is a magical destination each day of the year. But December adds more flavor to the already fascinating city. Not even the thick layers of snow can stop the thrill that lies ahead. It is a city of multiple opportunities ranging from its diverse ecosystems to the available dining options. Here’s why Christmas in Bend should be your choice this coming holiday.

A Hiking City

Bend is a typical hiking city. It is the perfect nature lover’s playground complete with diverse landscapes. From dense forest covers to the beautiful cascades in the periphery, you are in for a worthy treat in the wild section of the city.

The next parameter playing to your advantage is the prevailing weather. With the falling temperatures of winter, you no longer have to worry about surging heat levels. The low temperatures of the city also allow you to cover more ground without feeling exhausted.

Your hiking adventures in Bend go beyond the ordinary forest pathways. This city is full of family-friendly trails that kids can maneuver easily. Being out there in nature, hopping from one end of the free-flowing streams to the next, is among the key highlights of your Christmas hike in Oregon.

Go Skiing

Whenever it is December, then you know the fun that awaits in the city. With the thick layers of snow forming outside, your day’s adventure is brought closer to your doorstep. Take the challenge and make the snow your playground.

Kids love playing outside in the snow. Join them out there and make your Christmas outing in the city worth it. Snowballs are fun during this season.

If you wish to take the thrill in snow a notch higher, Bend is a city of multiple ski resorts. Sliding on icy grounds is an interesting sport that is easy to comprehend. Better still, most properties in the city are designed with ski in/out options making these resorts easily accessible. For the adrenaline junkies, snowshoeing is also a sport worth exploring.

Multiple Dining Options

Food is a crucial component of your Christmas celebration in Oregon. It is the thing that your younger ones relate to most during this time. With Bend, you have found a destination that doesn’t discriminate against any culture and its dining habits.

Instead of the usual American meals prepared in your backyard every other Christmas, you have a chance to sample what other cultures have to offer. Whether it is the typical Chinese stir-fry dish or an advanced Japanese Teriyaki, you have it all in this city.

Also, there are special meals meant for the Christmas season. With or without a reservation, you can easily walk to an eatery of your choice and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Christmas Movie Nights/Dates

Family Christmas adventures in Central Oregon are incomplete without a movie date. It is something your kids long for every other Christmas season. Within the city of Bend are multiple theaters displaying Christmas movies during the festive season.

Don’t take the fun away from your kids’ Christmas adventures by ignoring these movie dates. Better still, they stand a better chance of meeting Santa in these cinema halls. To kids, meeting Santa makes more sense than the contents of those movies and their significance.

Make it a Shopping Christmas

Apart from your hiking, dining, and Santa encounters, shopping is one thing you cannot omit from a Christmas celebration in Oregon. After a year of toiling and moiling, you deserve all the good things in life. Start by rewarding yourself in any of the multiple shops in the city. Kids too love being gifted. After completing their academic year, they deserve that pat on the back. Whether it is a Christmas gift card or a piece of clothing to match the changing trends in the fashion industry. Also, there is a section for toy stores to cater to your kids’ Lego collection and upgrades.

Rentals that Complement Your Experience

The suitability of Bend as a destination of choice this Christmas goes beyond the available adventures. The holiday rentals existing in the city also plays a significant part. Holiday homes in Oregon are luxurious setups that complement your stay in the wild.

These properties feature state-of-the-art amenities meant to enhance your stay in the city. From gourmet kitchens to elegant living rooms, it is a home away from home setting. Other properties incorporate hot tubs that offer the coveted spa-like experience cheaply.

Where to Stay in Bend During Christmas

Nothing beats a Christmas in Bend celebration spent in a peaceful environment away from your conventional home. Finding rentals that complement your holidays in Oregon shouldn’t always be a daunting task. With us, is a curated list of properties that are likely to match your holiday goals in the city. Get in touch with our team for your Bend Christmas rentals.

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