Looks may be deceiving. While Bend may seem like your normal sleepy mountain town, it’s actually quite the opposite! The town of Bend is a bustling area full of incredible events to see and adventures to take part in, and one of the best times to do it is on Memorial Day weekend! If you’re planning on spending this Memorial Day in Bend, here are some of the great events going on that we highly recommend checking out.

Spending Memorial Day in Bend Catching a Baseball Game!

Every single year for Memorial Day, the Bend Elks Baseball Club hold a three-day weekend tournament to find out who some of the best youth baseball teams are in all of Oregon, and this year will be no different! This year’s tournament will take place over the entire three-day weekend from the 26th to the 28th and is sure to be jam packed with excitement! Even if you’re not the biggest baseball fan in the world, there are few better experiences than watching a game in the backdrop of the incredible Cascade Mountains, and that’s what helps make this a can’t-miss event every single year!

Get Out and Enjoy the Incredible Weather

One of the best things about Memorial Day weekend is that it marks the true beginning of summer, and did we ever need it! There were times it seemed like winter was never going to end. In late May, the mercury usually rises to an average of 70 degrees, which means it is perfect weather to get out and explore all of the incredible activities Bend has to offer! Lace up your boots and hit the trails or rent a mountain bike from one of the many incredible local businesses for some high-octane exploration and fun.

Visit the Opening of the Central Oregon Saturday Market

Located right in the heart of Bend every single year is the Central Oregon Saturday Market: a local marketplace that encourages local artisans, craftspeople, growers, food vendors, and more to come out and sell their wares. This market is an incredible event where you have the opportunity to find amazing and unique wares, all while supporting local business! And the best news is that Memorial Day is opening weekend! Open on May 27th & 28th from 10 AM to 4 PM, this year’s market looks to be the biggest ever and will feature vendors selling everything from homemade bags to baked goods for your best pup and so much more! The market is located at 520 NW Wall Street in Bend, so why not go see what special items you can find this upcoming Memorial Day weekend?

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