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Attractions in Bend

Indoor Sites to See in Bend Oregon

Thanks to beautiful weather and a plethora of outdoor fun, Bend is a great vacation destination during the summer. If you’re looking for some indoor sites to see in Bend Oregon—whether as a respite from all the outdoor fun or a necessity due to rain—Bend also offers many great indoor attractions for you to check out. Read on below for some of our favorites! High Desert Museum Explore the art,...

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Attractions in Bend

Bend Oregon Summer Attractions to Visit

If you’re planning on coming to Bend Oregon in the summer this year, get ready for a scenic time you’ll never forget. With a plethora of different activities to participate in, shops to explore, and natural landscapes to enjoy, you’ll want to go to as many of them as possible. Make sure to fit these five fun Bend Oregon summer attractions on your list: Roundabout Art Route for Your Bend...

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Romantic Things to Do in Bend Oregon: A Getaway for Two in Bend

Bend, Oregon is like a living, breathing postcard in its picturesque beauty, but it’s one you’ll be stepping right into soon. Coming here with somebody you love can be one of the best ways to experience Bend, as there are a ton of activities that are perfect for two. Here are a few romantic things to do in Bend Oregon for couples: Picnic at Tumalo Falls You’ll approach this natural...

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Holidays in Bend Oregon

Bend 4th of July Celebration

The year is whizzing by, and before you know it, it’ll be July 4th. Where should you be celebrating this year? Nowhere other than Bend, Oregon! This is an area that’s off the beaten path, for a cozy Bend 4th of July celebration unlike any other. Pet Parade & Festival This is an old-fashioned Bend tradition that has been going on since 1932 and is hosted by the city. A...

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How to See the Best of Bend in 3 Days: Bend Attractions

We all know how Bend is full of attractions, and it will take more than one visit to enjoy them all. But sometimes you only have enough time for a long weekend vacation. So, what are you going to do? Well, for one thing, you need a good plan. With so many attractions, you can’t possibly visit them all in your short visit, but you can still enjoy the best...

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Family Things to do in Bend Oregon: Mother’s Day Getaway

Bend knows how to celebrate Mother’s Day unlike any other place. There’s something for the human mom and the dog moma like to celebrate and enjoy on this special day. Whether you’re a mom yourself or you want to make your own mom feel special and appreciated on Mother’s Day, Bend has you covered. Take your mom to a special brunch or hit the Ale Trail together and get a...

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Things to do

Spring Break in Bend: Fun Things to Do in Bend

When March rolls around that means spring has finally come to Bend, Oregon and with it, Spring Break is being planned. Adult travelers can join in on all the fun things to do in Bend and enjoy an exciting Spring Break trip season. Here is how to plan for the perfect Spring Break in Bend: Fun Things to Do in Bend This Spring Break  The spring season can either be very cold with...

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Events in Bend Oregon

Upcoming Events in Bend to Check Out

As the final days of winter begin to slide into the early days of spring, the city of Bend doesn’t lose its momentum. The fun keeps happening, and the excitement keeps growing, ensuring your stay in our mountain village will be exactly what you hoped for. And when you plan your visit around these upcoming events, the wow factor amps up even more! We’ve compiled this guide to upcoming events...

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Things to do

Skiing and Snowboarding in Bend

As we enter the coldest days of winter, instead of hibernating in their homes and waiting for warmer temperatures, many of our Bend Vacation Rentals guests are realizing their biggest dreams: a winter vacation spent outside schussing down the slopes on two skinny sticks or one fat board! Winter fans are a different breed of people, bringing energy to our town and a feeling of kinship with the residents who...

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Events in Bend Oregon

Upcoming Bend Festivals

The beginning of a new year is our favorite time. There are 365 days stretching out before us, waiting to be filled with laughter, love, and adventures to places we have never visited before. And when it’s time to start filling some of your days with adventures to those places, a visit to our hometown of beautiful Bend, Oregon should be at the top of your vacation bucket list! Welcoming...

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