Winters can be hard to bear. But now that you have made it through, it is time for you to explore the best of Bend this spring. With melting snow, blossoming vegetation, and shining sun, you could not have asked for more in Oregon. Here are the key highlights of your Bend Spring Break holiday experience.

Perfect Weather for Hiking

Bend is largely a mountainous city with diverse landscapes to show for it. It is the perfect playground for novice hikers to explore. With routes leading to different destinations in the city, you adore the multiple natural formations of the area as you move around.

The reduced ice levels during the spring season mean you have no excuses to make. Instead, you can easily maneuver your way to the woods and enjoy more of what the city has to offer.

All weather elements play to your advantage during this season. Even the shining sun is not as hot as in summer. With this combination of elements, you can easily spend more time outside exploring the forested part of the city.

Bend is home to multiple hiking trails. If you are here with kids, simpler routes will be perfect for that. Ardent hikers have isolated routes that will be quite an exciting experience.

Besides hiking, you are in the right place for mountain and rock-climbing adventures. Such activities require special skills and are fun for those who dare to dream.

Horseback Riding

If hiking is not your thing, here comes an alternative that helps you explore Bend luxuriously. Riding horses is a fun-filled activity that helps you explore the wild part of the city without breaking a sweat. All you do is grab the reins and be the driver.

Horses present an easier way of adventure, especially where kids are involved. Also, it is the best way to approach areas that are hard to reach through the normal hikes.


The absence of a coastline in Bend doesn’t deny you the right to watersports. In the absence of a coastline, Bend has a host of other water bodies, including lakes and free-flowing rivers.

With the snow having melted, you are in the right place for a splash after a long time. The chilled water of the various streams is a good way for you to relax and reflect on your achievements in the first quarter.

Lakes in the city are a good place for you to explore all the exciting water sports of this world. From riding boats to kayaking, there is never a dull moment in the city.

The wild part of the city also gives you a chance to perfect your angling skills. It will be fun taking home a self-caught stout fish for dinner.

Whitewater rafting is another exciting activity you can’t afford to leave out of your experiences in the wild. Moving down along the flow of the stream is a fun thing to do. It also doubles up as a tour of the downstream with little to no effort at all.

Downtown Bend

Downtown Bend is where all the action occurs. It is here where you are met by all the dining options of this world. The dining culture here seems to defy all existing cultural norms. Instead, virtually all delicacies of the globe are well represented.

Whether you are after the typical American dishes or you prefer more exotic options, you can count on this city to deliver. Mexican dishes are the most common with paired drinks being part of the plan.

Downtown Bend is also the place where you hop from one brewery to the next. When not in the Bend Ale Trail, there are lots of breweries downtown specializing in a wide range of popular bottles.

The shopping experience that awaits downtown is also worth mentioning. Complete with boutiques, gift shops, and kids’ stores, no member of the family is left out of the fun downtown.

Luxury Living in Bend

A crucial component of the luxurious Bend Spring break experience that awaits in the city is Bend Vacation Rentals’ high-end vacation homes. Properties in the city have been optimized for comfort while still being a home away from home setting.

Our vacation rentals in Bend are furnished with top-range amenities all meant to enhance your stay in the city. Armed with en suite baths, morning showers have never been this refreshing. Other properties have private hot tubs that help you nurse those joints and muscles after a busy day out there in the mountains.

Kitchens adopt a gourmet design with state-of-the-art appliances for your culinary activities. The presence of free internet means you are in a laptop-friendly environment.

Book Your Spring Bend Rental Today

Experiencing the best spring has to offer in Bend means spending more time around. Our professional team in the city has compiled a list of properties likely to match your spring holiday goals in Oregon. Contact us directly for more detailed information.

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