Beyond the diverse landscapes of Central Oregon lies a fast-growing food scene. Food trucks have in recent times outdone conventional restaurants through excellent customer service. Bend specifically is a foodies’ darling thanks to the multiple existing joints. Here are some of the best food trucks in Bend worth trying.

Tacos Pihuamo

Your street taco needs don’t get better than this food truck. It is a gem that resonates well with Bend’s food scene. It is one of those few joints in the city that doesn’t need any introduction.

Located in a serene environment, this food truck allows you to enjoy your tacos with all the panoramas. Other options available include enchiladas, burritos, and tortas. In short, it is a Mexican American combo that lives up to its billing.

  • Location: 950 SE 3rd St, Bend, OR 97702, United States

Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats

Dining is more than just the inviting aroma of food and how delicious it tastes. It also boils down to how you feel while munching your share. The Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats is one place that has mastered the art of invoking all your five senses to a more sumptuous meal.

As the name of the truck suggests, it is a place where iconic Thai cuisine thrives. It is a one-stop for everything including salad, bubble tea, and special Thai dishes. The ambiance and décor of the establishment are a crucial part of your outdoor dining experience.

  • Location: 150 NW Oregon Ave, Bend, OR 97701, United States

Big Ski’s Pierogi

If you have had a pierogi snack before, then you already know the exciting experience that greets you in this food truck. Big Ski’s Pierogi is a well-polished food truck serving a wide range of dumplings.

Vegans have a field day here. With potato-stuffed dumplings served here, you are in the right place for an enticing meal. Also, there are beer options available to wash the dumplings down with.

  • Location: 536 NW Arizona Ave, Bend, OR 97702, United States

Sol Verde

Although Bend is a place for all cuisines to thrive, there is something special about Mexican food. Vacationers in the city and locals equally have a soft spot for Mexican delicacies. This time around, it is the iconic Sol Verde working the magic for you.

Sol Verde is a Bend’s true gem, perfect for all your breakfast burritos. It is among the few spots in the city that have maintained their authenticity over the years. All their foods are fresh and are prepared on-site from scratch.

  • Location: 1040 NW Galveston Ave, Bend, OR 97701, USA

The Podski Food Cart Lot

Outdoor dining doesn’t get better than The Podski Food Cart Lot. It is literally a food truck with everything to resemble a parked bus. This truck is popular for its lively atmosphere making it a good place to relax in the city.

The Podski Food Cart Lot is a home of exciting food setting the pace for the marvelous drinks that await. Armed with an indoor bar, you will be treated to the best-crafted beers the city has to offer.

  • Location: 536 NW Arizona Ave, Bend, OR 97703, United States

Tekka Tiger

If you are visiting Oregon on a weekend, no place comes close to what the Tekka Tiger has to offer. It is a Singaporean-owned food truck specializing in Southeast Asian dishes. It is a place where Thai and Malaysian dishes rule the menu.

Mee soto spicy noodle soup and ginger-garlic chicken stir fry hits differently here. It also offers a few drink options including ciders to spice up your weekends in the city.

  • Location: 64649 Wharton Ave, Bend, OR 97703, USA

Brunchies Food Truck

As the name of the truck suggests, this is one place you can count on for all your brunch needs. On days when breakfast in your rented condo is not on your to-do list, you have lots of delicacy options to explore from this food truck.

From the truck’s iconic breakfast sandwich to the tacos and hot donut holes, you are truly spoilt for choice. It is the perfect compromise for a full-day meal while on the move.

  • Location: 410 E Cascade Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, United States


Your outdoor dining experience in the city is incomplete without a fast-food joint. The Americana is a local burger food truck you will find hard to evade.

With its jalapeno popper burgers and grilled cheese, you are in for a finger-licking treat. Kids’ burgers are also part of the package.

  • Location: 536 NW Arizona Ave, Bend, OR 97703, USA

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