Oregon is a beautiful vacation destination no matter the time of the year. With so many things to do and see, you may think you need to pack a lot of extra gear in order to enjoy your trip, but that’s simply not true. Being weighed down with heavy luggage is not a good start to any vacation getaway. Here are some helpful tips on how you can pack light for your Bend Oregon travel vacation:

Pack Light for the Outdoors

One of the biggest draws to visiting Bend during the spring, summer, and fall seasons is enjoying the beautiful scenery. Many locals claim that Bend is an outdoor playground with many trails, rivers, and forests to keep you busy. You can prepare to enjoy as much time outdoors by keeping your bag light with just clothing. You may need a few different outfits such as swimming suits, shorts, and clothing to wear into town; however, you will not need to pack multiple options for each activity, as our vacation rentals have washing and drying units to keep everything clean.

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More Room to Bring Home Souvenirs of Your Trip

If you pack heavy, you will not have enough room to bring souvenirs home from your trip. Many adventurers find that Bend is a craft beer haven and choose to bring back their favorite cans in their luggage. You can wrap up your take-home goodies in the clothing in your bag. Child-friendly souvenirs can also be found at all the local shops. Stick an empty backpack or duffel bag into the bottom of your luggage that can be taken out for the return trip home.

Leave Cooking Utensils at Home

Last but certainly not least is to make sure you leave any cooking utensils at home for your stay. Each rental has everything you need to whip up a delicious feast. Expect to find all the appliances you need such as an oven and microwave. Of course, to create such as feast, you will need delicious ingredients for which the local Bend markets are known. If you are bored with staying in for multiple nights in a row, you can even check out the incredible restaurant scene that Bend has to offer!

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Time to Prepare for Your Bend Oregon Travel

Do not hesitate on reaching out to us with any questions on how else you can pack light. Our vacation rentals are waiting for your next trip to Bend. Simply pick up the phone and see which rentals will be available for your stay.

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