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Palate a Coffee Bar

Sometimes we get a little stuck in our ways. Every day we follow the same routine, going to the same places, seeing the same people, and frequenting the same chain coffee shop that we can find in almost any city in the world. Well, vacations are for shaking up the status quo, and when you’re looking for a coffee in Bend with a little something extra, Palate in Bend is the first place you should try. Offering a selection of espressos on tap that change regularly—yes, Palate a Coffee Bar serves espresso from a tap—it’s the extras that makes this coffee star shine!

Palate a Coffee Bar Located at 643 NW Colorado Avenue

Palate a Coffee Bar is open every day from 6AM until 4PM, and if you find yourself lingering a little longer over that Coava coffee during your visit, no one will blame you. The charming bungalow that houses the coffee bar is warm, inviting, and as it is painted a vivid lilac, is easy to find! Going against the grain of expectation, the interior is designed in the industrial style with exposed brick, metal railings, and corrugated tin paneling with the occasional hanging fern thrown in for a softening effect. Palate wood can be found throughout as well, which is how the coffee bar got its name.

Friendly Baristas

It’s no secret that a certain well-loved, Seattle-based chain coffee shop is NOT known for its friendly baristas, but this is another way Palate a Coffee Bar differs from the norm. The staff here is knowledgeable about the different coffees they serve, helpful when you just can’t decide, and always smiling and friendly; we love to visit as much for the strong and flavorful coffee they serve as for the friendly staff!

A fireplace with its roaring fire keeps the bar warm in the winter, and the gated patio offers a great place to enjoy a cup with the company of your dog in the warmer months. If you brought your precious fur baby, there’s a chance a small treat could be offered for him as well. Some weekends this is the best spot for coffee in Bend, and for hanging out and listening to our talented local musicians, and every day is a good time for making new friends at Palate.

It’s the Small Moments that Offer the Largest Impact

A vacation spent in one of our Bend Vacation Rentals will be filled with a million of these special moments. Designed for family, our homes are as warm and welcoming as the coffee bar you’re going to fall in love with. Contact us to reserve yours today and rediscover the meaning of a true family vacation.

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