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Top 5 Bend Coffee Shops

Looking for the best coffee in Bend? Coffee is a big business in the Northwest, and although it is our neighbors in Washington state who are famous for a certain addition to the coffee world, we here in Oregon are no slackers when it comes to creating that black gold that has been the lifesaver of every insomniac, new parent, student, and hard-working person in our country! And for those whose caffeine-filled veins lead to a heart that quivers at the scent of a rich and dark cup of coffee, these top five Bend coffee shops will be a dream come true when you’re taking a break from activities or sightseeing!

Backporch Coffee Roasters, 1052 NW Newport Avenue #103

In a world where the vibe of a place is just as important as the product it sells, Backporch Coffee Roasters offers the best of both: friendly and smiling service in an open and airy establishment and a product that lives up to the reputation of Northwest coffee. For those who love the fancy stuff, their salted mocha has won rave reviews!


Thump Coffee, 25 NW Minnesota Avenue

This artsy coffee house with a relaxed vibe serves gourmet coffee with beans roasted right inside its doors. Geared towards the outdoor world, their “coffee ambassadors” are cyclists and fishermen and women. Much like the craft breweries that are popping up everywhere, this craft coffee house offers seasonal blends brewed with beans from all over the country which makes it the best coffee in Bend.


Strictly Organic, 6 SW Bond Street

As we evolve and change, we have discovered that organic eating is clean and healthy-and that goes for coffee too! Among the top rated Bend coffee shops, Strictly Organic features tasty brews created with their own organic beans and offers a full organic breakfast and lunch menu as well!


Bellatazza, 869 NW Wall Street # 101

A friendly and knowledgeable staff, warm and inviting environment, and an extensive coffee and food menu make Bellatazza the belle of the town. Espousing the belief that “coffee is the great equalizer,” this coffee house is a favorite of people from all walks of life. The “beautiful cups” (Bellatazza!) offered here are always filled with the richest and smoothest of brews.


Looney Bean of Bend, 2170, 961 NW Brooks Street

As we have discussed earlier, the vibe of a coffee place is just as important as the flavor of their coffee, and Looney Bean of Bend is more than just a really cool name; it’s location on the river and the big backyard filled with tables, picnic benches, and simple green Adirondack chairs makes it the best place in town to chill with a really great cup of joe.


Buy a Bag of the Best Coffee in Bend to Take Back to Your Cabin

Because many of us aren’t human until we have our morning cup of java, many of these Bend coffee shops allow you to purchase bags of their beans to enjoy in your pajamas. Sitting on the back porch of your Bend Vacation Rentals rustic cabin with a cup of local coffee in hand watching the sun rise over the horizon is one of those simple pleasures that makes the world a softer place. Check out our Bend Condos for rent today and come see us!

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