Vacation Rentals

There is no better way to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Bend than staying in a private, high-end home. As Bend’s largest and most exclusive vacation rental company, we have a wide range of homes, from romantic bungalows near downtown, to large, lodge-style homes with luxurious amenities. We are locally owned and operated, and know Bend, and all it has to offer, inside and out.location_thumbnail_11511

Our beautiful vacation homes are organized by size to make it easy for you to browse through them. We offer 1-2 Bedroom homes3 Bedroom homes and 4-5 Bedroom homes. Don’t forget to check our specials to see what we’re currently offering with added value. You can also see some of our homes in this video.

With a vacation home, you don’t sacrifice comfort and privacy. And, best of all, you experience Bend the way the locals do…from the tranquility of an exclusive property.

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