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Top 5 Relaxing Spots in Bend, OR

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Bend is a monumental city located along the iconic Deschutes River. It is a nature lover’s paradise complete with free-flowing rivers, lakes, and the beautiful Cascades in the periphery. It is one of the most relaxing cities in Oregon that ardent hikers find to be so captivating. There are many outdoor attractions in Bend that stand out. Here are the top five relaxing spots in Bend, OR to consider.  

Top 5 Relaxing Spots in Bend, OR

Located in the western region of the city is Tumalo Falls. It is a 30-meter waterfall on the iconic Tumalo Creek. It is one of the many waterfalls found upstream. This site sits approximately 14 miles from the city, a distance that is worth your effort.  

The hike to the site is one of the highlights of your visit to Bend. The surrounding green vegetation cover is everything you would want to see in the beautiful cascades. Watching the milky waters fall 30 meters down is such an exciting experience. The calming sound of water slithering through the rocks of the creek is music to your ears. 

A trip to this area entails more than just the waterfalls. Also, there is a picnic site perfect for your nature-inspired romantic dates. These picnic sites offer grounds for you to relax as you watch the falling water from a distance.  

Hosmer Lake

Almost every other natural feature in Bend has its credits to volcanic activities and the Cascade Ranges. Even the iconic Hosmer Lake has its roots in the numerous volcanic activities of the city’s wild. This lake is located approximately 20 miles from the city. Naturalists who find thrill in still water have a blast here. 

Besides watching the still water for comfort, the lake is also open for exploration. It is the place to be to perfect your angling skills. Trout and salmon are the main fish species found here. However, barbed fishing lines are banned to conserve the authenticity of the lake. 

Watersport fans have a lot to explore here. You will find motorized boats slowly plying the lake. It is also the perfect chance for you to ride a canoe and other non-motorized watercraft.  

Drake Park

Drake Park is a 13-acre site in Bend named after its initial owner. It is a locals-favorite spot that also doubles up as a community gathering place. It is the go-to place for direct interaction with locals and their culture. 

The park has acres of open lawn which also doubles as a picnic area. On days when you are too lazy to walk around, this park area comes to your rescue. It is also fitted with designated cycling paths giving you an alternative way of exploring the park. The presence of adequate lighting allows you to explore the park even late in the evening. 

The highlight of your relaxing experience in Drake Park is the Mirror Pond. It is a water mass stretching nearly half a mile long. As the name suggests, this pond has a reflective effect that resembles a mirror. If you are the kind that finds reprieve in the little things that nature has to offer, Drake Park is here for you.  

Paulina Lake Hot Springs

Approximately 40 miles from the city center is the iconic Paulina Lake Hot Springs. Surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains, it is a natural hot spring with the water heated by geographical activities beneath the ground.  

Paulina Lake Hot Springs knows no weather. Whether you are arriving late in the summer or at the peak of winter, the water is as hot as before. It is such a relaxing way of swimming while still enjoying a natural spa date at no extra cost. 

When not exploring the thermal springs of the lake, nature has a lot to offer in the surroundings. You may as well convert your trip to a hike. The presence of a picnic area near the lake provides a platform for romantic dates with all that nature has to offer.  

Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint

Not far away from downtown Bend is Pillot Butte. It is such an exciting landmark in the middle of Bend. The journey to the top is fairly easy and worth it all once at the top. With its paved paths, even kids can get to the top safely. 

The relaxing nature of Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint comes from the top views. It is such a spectacular view with displays that allow you to identify the surrounding mountains easily. The sight of the snowcapped Cascade Mountains is the highlight of the party.  

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