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Top 5 Incredible Bend Sightseeing

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Every morning we wake up thrilled to be able to live in a landscape as beautiful as ours, and each night before we slip off into dreamland we drift away with a smile on our face, knowing we get to do it all over again tomorrow. It’s no secret we love Oregon and our charming mountain village, and we also love inviting guests to explore its wonders. From snow-capped mountains standing guard in the background to crystal-clear lakes and everything in between, every minute of every day is a futile exercise in trying to keep the oohs and ahs to a minimum. Before you start planning your Bend sightseeing itinerary, here’s a list of some of the most incredible sights you will see during your once in a lifetime visit to Bend.

Tumalo Falls – at the Forefront of Bend Sightseeing

You know, when you think about it, a waterfall isn’t just about water falling from great heights into more water below; it’s about the sound of the water roaring and splashing, the feel of the spray on your cheeks, and the smell of the vegetation that surrounds it. When you’re looking for that perfect photo opportunity, a trip to Tumalo Falls offers all that and so much more.


The Views from Pilot Butte

The old cinder cone was once one of the many landmarks that marked the way along the Oregon Trail, welcoming travelers as it reassured them they were traveling in the right direction. Created by an ancient volcanic eruption, today it is the spot with some of the most magnificent views of Bend and the valley that surrounds it. The trails to the top are easy ones, and the sights you will see will make it worth any extra effort you will take to get there!


Goody’s Chocolate and Ice Cream Factory, 1111 SE Division Street

You can’t tell us that when you walk inside the doors of this sweet establishment you won’t be thinking to yourself, “THIS is the sight I’ve been waiting for my entire life!” Goody’s is a Bend tradition and offers factory tours in which all its mysteries are revealed. For fun things to do in Oregon, take the tour and be sure to purchase some chocolates to bring back to your neighbors; they will love you forever!


The Perfect Glass of Beer

As you explore the beauty of Bend, you may find yourself getting a bit parched after all the hiking, climbing, skiing, or kayaking activities, but never fear: Oregon is one of the leaders in craft breweries, and Bend is home to 22 different breweries itself! From the largest-Deschutes Brewery in Bend Public House-to the smallest-Immersion Brewing-the sight of a perfectly poured craft beer sitting at the table waiting for your first sip may be the most incredible sight of all!


The Front Door of Your Bend Vacation Rentals Escape

Picture a day filled with Bend sightseeing: you’ve spent the day hiking to Tumalo Falls, touring a chocolate factory, and enjoying a big meal and the best beer you’ve ever tasted. You’re pleasantly tired, a little sore, and extremely stuffed, and as your rental car turns into the driveway of your charming cabin rental, the lights illuminate the front door and all you can think is, “Home!” You know that inside your vacation escape waits a plush and comfy couch, a little television to quiet your mind, and a feeling of contentment you’ve never experienced before-reserve yours today!

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