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Top 5 Distilleries in Bend, Oregon

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The city of Bend is more than just a nature lovers’ paradise. The local bars and restaurants in Bend are a good place for you to dine and wine as you disconnect your mind from the troubles of the past. Being home to the iconic Bend Ale Trail, it is a city with a reputable brewing culture. But not everybody is after Bend’s craft beers. Sometimes you need a strong drink in the likes of vodka, spirits, cognac, and ram. Within the city are multiple certified distillers offering a wide range of bottles. Here are top 5 distilleries in Bend, Oregon to explore.  

Top 5 Distilleries in Bend, Oregon

When stories of adventuring in high spirits are being written, there is a whole page for this distillery. The Crater Lake distillery story can be traced back to 1996 with the sole intention of making great spirits in a unique environment. Over the years, the firm has outlived its initial dream to be one of Oregon’s leading distilleries. It is a one-stop shop for all those high-end drinks. Whether you are after vodka, gin, or rye whiskey, you can never go wrong with Crater Lake Spirits. Their vodkas are passed through charcoal at least ten times to yield a water-like pure drink. The gins come in different flavors depending on what works best for you. Their whisky story is second to none. Also, you have found the perfect place to sample customized cocktails.  

Oregon Spirit Distillers

What is required to make that perfect bottle of whiskey? No place tells this story better than Oregon Spirit Distillers. Water, grain, oak, and yeast work in tandem to yield that smooth-tasting bottle. It is a story unique to the Cascade Mountains where the American dream is kept alive. With the help of highly trained technicians, this firm has managed to craft some of the best flavors for you. Oregon Spirit Distilleries are the producers of award-winning bottles, a chapter that began sometime in 2009. Since then, it has been quite a journey with multiple success stories to tell. Within the firm is a tasting room where you go to sample some of the bottles unique to the distillery. Also, you are taken on a tour around the firm to see how the raw materials are processed to be that smooth glass of whisky. 

Cascade Street Distillery

The iconic Cascade Mountains are a crucial part of Bend’s distilling story. Almost every other distillery in the city has inspiration from these mountains. The Cascade Street Distillery is even named after it. It is one of the standout firms in the area because of its style of distillation. All the premium liquors served here are blended with clean mountain water that has been filtered by the volcanic rocks up there. Available options for you to explore here include corn and rye whiskey. The firm’s 43.7% ABV bourbon whiskey is exactly what you need to keep you going in the city. It is among the distilleries in the city where you can show up for a tasting tour unannounced.  

New Basin Distilling Company

What started as a journey to nowhere in 2013 has now created one of the most iconic distilleries in Central Oregon. This firm is best suited for vacationers who are willing to explore beyond Bend. It is situated in a nearby town approximately 43 miles away. On site are food carts serving bites to accompany your drink of choice. It is the place to be for the best spirits Oregon has to offer. This distillery is open seven days a week and offers more than just spirits. They have enticing cocktails that live up to the Cascade experience. 

Backdrop Distilling

At the tail end of your adult adventures in Bend is Backdrop Distilling. They are the creators of the iconic Backdrop vodka bottle that has won multiple accolades globally. Since opening its doors in 2015, Backdrop has remained to be one of Bend’s best-kept secrets. It is the home of custom-made drinks that outshine the usual Cascade setting. The drinks here are crafted to adopt multiple flavors. The cocktails are something else. On days when you feel low in spirits, it is the place to be to uplift them. 

Where to Stay in the City of Bend

Exploring the multiple drinks the Cascades have to offer is just one aspect of your adventure in the city. There is more to your adventure than just vodka. Exploring the goodness of the city in fullness means you will have to spend more time around. Our team at Bend Vacation Rentals is here to ensure you get the right properties that complement your stay in the city. With us is a set of high-end rentals ranging from one- to five-bedroom properties. We are ready to help you customize your pet friendly rental in the city. Get in touch with us today for more information. 

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