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Places to Visit in Bend Oregon for History Lovers

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If you’re a history lover and looking for places to visit in Bend Oregon, check out our hand-picked suggestions. Lumber was big business for the settlers of our favorite town on Earth, and the Old Mill District was once a ranch located on the Deschutes River. Most money that was going to be made was made right there at the Brooks-Scanlon and the Shevlin-Hixon lumber mills. Today, although the machinery is long gone, the buildings still stand and have become a boutique shopping district.

Farewell Bend Park – One of the Top Things to See in Bend Oregon

This picturesque park located along the Deschutes River was once an important resting place for the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Named Farewell Bend because it was the last place they camped before forging on to unknown territories, today its history is honored with the placement of a restored covered wagon that rests outside the entrance. Your children will have fun at the “lumber mill” playground that, thankfully, doesn’t have a saw in sight!


Newberry National Volcanic Monument

After the eruptions of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, you may be a bit hesitant to explore this site, but we can affirm that you will be completely safe; it’s been thousands of years since this ancient volcano has erupted, and although it is still designated as active, there is no danger at all. This is one of the best places to visit in Bend Oregon for a stunning view. Hike to the top and enjoy unparalleled views of Bend and the valley that surrounds it.


Lava River Cave

Located inside the boundaries of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, this unique 1.5-mile-long cave was created from the eruption of Newberry over 80,000 years ago. As the lava traveled downwards, and parts of the lava cooled, the roof, floors, and walls were what was left behind after the rest of the lava continued its journey. Evidence shows that the Native Americans once used this cave for unknown purposes, and one of Bend’s early settlers used it as a spot to cool his venison; average temperatures here run between 32 and 45 degrees.


Liberty Theater, 849 Northwest Wall Street

This former vaudeville theater was built in 1917 and has had a colorful history, as it transformed from vaudeville hall to silent movie theater, and then again into a traditional movie theater. After a brief stint as a real estate office and a retail store, the theater was very nearly lost forever as it stood vacant for over a decade with the echoes of the bawdy girls that made their living here heard faintly in the wind. Today, however, its latest reincarnation is of the arts and culture heart of Bend; the silence of the original vaudeville performers is a sign that they must approve!


Not Quite a Historic Site

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