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Savor the best season of the year in Bend, Oregon. Take your winter by the reins this year and make it an unforgettable experience, whether you’re coming for the holidays, to quietly explore the natural environment, or to chase your adrenaline rush by skiing down slopes packed with fresh-fallen snow. The winter in Bend has treasures for everyone, and you’ll want to see them all.

Winter Wonderland

Some of the things that Bend is most well-known for are the slopes and winter sports. Pack your skis, snowboards, and more, because this is the time of year to break them out! Pick a rental with prime proximity to the snowy wonderland of the mountain slopes and feel like a king as you wake up and head out to ski without wasting a single moment. But it’s not just skiing and snowboarding you can enjoy on the mountains during the winter. Try out sledding, snowmobiling, and more while you enjoy the crystal white scenery and the snow-dusted deciduous trees.

Make sure to unstrap those skis and explore the other outdoor experiences here too! There is so much to see and soak in. Take a serene hike through the Juniper forest at the Oregon Badlands Wilderness. Mountain biking is also a sport we enjoy throughout the winter here, and there are many different trails you can do this on, such as the Rim Rock Trail, River Trail, Wolf Tree Trail.

Warm Retreats

When you want to warm up, check out some of the exciting indoor activities that can be found here during winter in Bend. Bend Art Center is a perpetual favorite pastime among locals, along with community theater shows put on by the Cascades Theatrical Company. You’ll find lots of theater here; try The Tower Theatre for song and dance, or Tin Pan Theater if you’re a fan of independent foreign films. Some of the most fun you’ll find in town is at Old Mill District, which transforms into a festive experience during the winter. Walk around, shop the shops, enjoy the quant mountain architecture, and explore the wide variety of fun all packed into one hotspot.

Spend the Winter in a Bend Vacation Rental

There is nowhere more picturesque, serene, and exciting that you can spend your winter season than here with us in Bend, and the glue that will tie your whole vacation together will be the rental home you spend your stay in. Call Bend Vacation Rentals today at 541-385-9492 and we’ll help you get started!

Bend, Oregon is one of the most visited places during the months of winter. This goes for people that live in hotter climates and need to get their yearly dose of snow, but also for those that live near here. People that live near here know that Bend is the best winter destination in the area because it gets some of the most snow in the Pacific Northwest and it is quite simply the most beautiful area in this part of the country. Great community events and incredible recreational opportunities throughout the area are just a couple of the things that you will love about Bend in winter.

Winter in Bend Skiing and Snowboarding

Amazing snowfall and one of the best peaks in the area in Mt Bachelor make this a major skiing and snowboarding destination for people from all over the country. Here, you will find a mountain where you can lose yourself for the whole day on endless runs of all kinds. Friendly bunny hills and epic black diamonds come together to create one of the most fun experiences for everyone. This winter sports area offers some of the best variety in recreation that you will find anywhere, as you can of course find downhill skiing, but there is also a massive area for Nordic skiing. This is a must try activity for those that are not familiar with it.


Of course, there is more than enough snow to appease your appetite for your typical winter activities, but the area also offers plenty of dry land where the snow tends to not fall—places like Smith Rock State Park and Pilot Butte. This lends itself to providing the best hiking opportunities in the Pacific Northwest during the winter. These hikes give you all of the pleasure of hiking on dry land, but also offer incredible views of the snowcapped mountains and trees that stretch as far as the eye can see. This is a great way to get a little exercise and see some of the most beautiful landscape you will ever see.

Ice Skating at the Pavilion

One of the most popular places to visit during the winter is the ice skating pavilion in the heart of Bend.  Here, you will find a lively scene full of friends and family enjoying the contagious holiday spirit that is available throughout the whole community. This outdoor rink is covered by a roof, giving it an outdoor feel complete with protection from the elements so it is always a good time for skating. You will also find fire pits for relaxing in between skates and concessions.

Winter in Bend is such that you do not need to do much to enjoy it. Simply walking the festive streets of town will provide for a memorable evening, as will any number of fun winter activities. The beautiful thing about this place is it offers a little bit of everything, so your winter vacation in Bend will be exactly what you want it to be.