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Bend Tourist Attractions for Adventure Seeker’s

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Not every vacation has to be a relaxing one, so get up and enjoy the thrilling outdoor activities and Bend Oregon tourist attractions. There is something for everyone who enjoys a thrill-seeking moment up in the Pacific Northwest. Here are the adventure-seeking activities you should plan during your exciting getaway. Explore places to go in Bend Oregon for thrill-seekers below:


Bungee Jumping

One of the greatest Bend Oregon tourist attractions and thrills you can find in Bend is the bungee jumping found at the Crooked River Gorge. Your heart will be thumping and pounding as your try this 250-foot bungee jump from the Peter Skene Ogden State Park Bridge. This is the highest jump in Oregon and is one of the highest in all of North America. Let Central Oregon Bungee Adventures help with your first big jump. Plan online today at www.oregonbungee.com.


Zip line Crater Lake National Park

There is nothing more adventurous than zip-lining over Crater Lake National Park. This tree-based canopy tour is over 1.5 miles long and gives you incredible views of the nearby vistas. The zip line tours take around two and a half hours, so it will not be a simple quick ride down. Plan for your next zipline adventure at www.craterlakezipline.com. This is one of the top places to go in Bend Oregon for thrill-seekers.


Slide Down a Waterfall

Step up to the Paulina Plunge for a unique experience like no other. The Paulina Plunge is a full day’s worth of swimming, jumping, and mountain biking before you make it to over half a dozen beautiful waterfalls. These waterfalls are shallow enough for you to slide down the water for a thrilling experience. Book your next trip down Paulina Plunge at www.paulinaplunge.com.


Airsoft Battle

Check out the recently opened Peak Airsoft for an engaging battle that is safe and fun with the Airsoft toy guns. These air-powered toy guys use plastic BBs for games of objective-based modes and fun. All gear, including full face protection, are offered for each battle you participate in. Check out what is available for your next airsoft battle at www.peakairsoft.com.


Whitewater Rafting

Get ready for some white knuckle, heart pounding excitement! Whether you have time for just a few hours of whitewater fun or can spend the whole day shooting down whitewater river rapids, you can’t go wrong with Ouzel Outfitters in Bend. Like other area outfitters, they offer rafting and floating trips down the wild Rogue River, the famous Deschutes River, and other area waterways. From gentle Class I to those heart-pounding Class V rapids, you’ll slip through canyons, over and around rocks and shoot through that big, splashy whitewater you crave. Reserve your spot for your whitewater rafting adventure on the Ouzel Outfitters’ website.


Heli Wine Tours

Combine two of your favorite things – wine and flying – into one adventure in Oregon. At Big Mountain Heli Tours in Bend, you take a private helicopter tour that ends with a wine tasting. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you soar over the rugged Cascade Mountains, alpine forests, and dark mountains lakes, then touchdown in the middle of the Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards for your personal wine tasting. Learn more about this fun, exciting trip on the Big Mountain Heli Tours website here. And if wine’s not your thing, they have plenty of other exhilarating helicopter trips for you to choose from.


ATV Adventures

Get ready for some off-road fun! Outriders Northwest will set you up with ATVs (or snowmobiles) for your off-road adventure. These riding adventures don’t just take you along scenic mountain trails, through the backcountry or alongside rushing rivers; you’ll also be driving over and through some of the area’s most breathtaking and ever-changing volcanic formations and ancient lava flows. Schedule your off-road adventure with Outriders Northwest online.


Fat Tire Bike Rides

If you love mountain biking and thought that you were done for the season when those first snowflakes started to fall, don’t worry. Just get a fat tire bike! These mountain bikes have soft, oversized tires and can go anywhere! They may not look it, but they are wicked fast! It doesn’t matter if the trail is snowy, icy, rocky, dusty or muddy; these bikes can handle it all. Rent a fat tire bike from an area bike shop (or bring your own) and hit a nice steep mountain trail. Try the Wanoga: Outer Loop Trail, it’s one of Bend’s trails that is groomed specifically for fat tire bikes.


Bend Tourist Attractions

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