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Top Halloween Events in Bend

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Halloween season is one of the spookiest times of the year with both exciting and frightening encounters. There is more to Halloween than the usual pumpkin carvings in your backyard. Sometimes, you have to book a flight far away from home to experience the best that Halloween has to offer. One such destination you should consider for 2023 is Bend, Oregon. It is a mountain city known for its beautiful landscapes, which turn into acres of spooky adventures for your Bend Halloween activities. Here are the top Halloween events in Bend.  

Top Halloween Events in Bend

Your Halloween experience in Bend starts on the 20th of October at the iconic Dudley’s Bookshop. It is one of those family-friendly events that you would want your kids to be part of. As the name of the event suggests, it is a night of art and painting. Primarily, there will be an established local artist taking you through the crucial steps of creating that spooky creature of your liking. All this time, you will be having your favorite beverage at hand. It is an alcohol-free zone making it the perfect setting for a family-themed Halloween outing.  

Halloween Bar Crawl

The 6th edition of the Halloween Bar Crawl in Oregon is happening on the 28th of October. It is an evening of fun and laughter that extends later into the night. This event has everything you would want in a Halloween party. However, it is not the perfect setting for kids due to the existing age restrictions. It is a place where adults meet for eight hours of epic interactions that go beyond the usual Halloween costume contests. Better still, there are custom drink specials offered, which make the night more thrilling. Photographers at this event are usually on standby ready to help you capture the key moments of your Halloween celebration.   

Pumpkin Carving at O’Kanes

When it is Halloween, then you automatically know it is pumpkin season. Halloween and pumpkins are two things that are hard to separate. Even for kids, pumpkins are the most relatable thing that comes to their mind during this season. Between the 28th and 31st of October, there is a pumpkin fest at the iconic O’Kanes’ Whiskey and Cigar Bar. Despite it being an adult setting, the rules are a little different during the Halloween weekend. It is a family-friendly event where kids can go for pumpkin carving competitions. Dinner options are also available at the venue.  

JuJu Eyeball at McMenamins

How about considering a musical experience for your Halloween celebrations in Oregon? Juju Eyeball is a popular Beatles cover band known for their electrifying high-energy performances. Since they came to the limelight in 2015, their star has continued to shine. 2023 brings a unique opportunity for you to experience their performance. It is one of the Halloween surprises you did not see coming in Oregon. This event is happening on the 28th of October. It is three hours of jamming to the best of the Beatles.  

Downtown Bend Scavenger Hunt

The perfect way to sum up your Halloween experience in Bend is by enrolling in a downtown scavenger hunt. This activity comes at the tail end of your Halloween celebrations in the city. After your encounters with spooky creatures, it is time to challenge yourself even more. The scavenger hunt is one of the recommended ways to remain physically active while enjoying life in Oregon. The joy that comes with solving a puzzle successfully is something you need to experience before signing out of Oregon.  

Book Your Bend, Oregon Halloween Rentals

After a day of spooky and frightening encounters out there in the city, you will need a relaxed place to sleep and prepare for the next day. Bend, Oregon is one place that has invested heavily in holiday accommodations. From lavish private homes to stylish condos and cabins, the options for you to explore are virtually endless. Our properties have everything you would want in a modern-day home. From outdoor decks and barbeque grills to adequate internet and private tubs, welcome to the city of ultimate luxury. Allow us to handle your accommodation needs as you focus more on the Halloween experiences that brought you to the city. Get in touch with us to reserve your Bend Halloween rentals.