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Tumalo Mountain Trail

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While most area trails are all relatively flat and easy to attempt, the Tumalo Mountain Trail is a little different. Located near Sunriver, Oregon about 21 miles from Bend, you will be guaranteed the best views in the area. This is partially because ALL views in Bend and the surrounding regions are breathtaking. It’s also because this hike ascends over 1400 feet at it’s highest point! Hiking this trail will take your breath away, both literally and figuratively! But as with all the hikes in Bend, it’s worth it in the end!

Finding the Trailhead

The trailhead that leads the way to paradise can be found in the Dutchman Flat sno-park parking lot, and although the sign states it is approximately a 3-mile hike to the end and back, there’s some controversy in that statement; it seems to be closer to 4 miles there and back, so we are compromising and saying it is a 3.8-mile hike.

Best for hikers with intermediate skills (mostly due to the elevation changes), the Tumalo Mountain Trail is extremely popular throughout the year, so prepare to run into a lot of people. Pets are welcome; again, remember to clean up after them and keep them on a leash. Although it is primarily a summer and fall hike, in the winter and early spring it’s a great snowshoeing hike. (You can rent snowshoes at any of the winter sports rental stores in the area.)


Stunning Beauty at Tumalo Mountain Trail

Early in your hike, colorful wildflowers and mature trees surround the trail. But as you increase in elevation you will notice that the land around you clears out and that red rocks mark the path. Stay on the trail to avoid damaging the delicate eco-system outside the boundaries of the Tumalo Mountain Trail. Once you reach the summit, will you feel both a sense of pride and wonder at the unparalleled views. Soak in views of the Three Sisters, Mt. Bachelor, and maybe the peak of Mt. Thielson in the distance. Either way, it’s a beautiful sight and no one will blame you if want to linger a bit before heading back down to where you parked your car!


If You Aren’t Used to the Climb

We can guarantee that you will be feeling it later and will be so thankful that you rented one of our cabins with a hot tub to help soothe the aches and pains you will be feeling after your hike on the Mount Tumalo Trail. Call us now to reserve one of our vacation rentals!

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