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Pilot Butte State Park Trail

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The glories of the natural landscape continue with your exploration of the Pilot Butte State Park Trail, a 1.8-mile hiking trail that won’t take up too much of your vacation hours while still providing great rewards! We love to be outside as much as possible here in Bend, and when you get a look at the views available during this hike, you will start to understand why. This all-season trail is popular and easy to navigate, making it the perfect hike for families with young children, senior citizens, and those who only have a couple of hours to spare on their once in a lifetime Oregon vacation.

Mark This Hike E for Excellent and Easy!

Sometimes you just need to get out and stretch your legs a bit, and if the place you go just happens to offer breathtaking views, who’s to complain? Located off Highway 20, just east of Pilot Butte, the Pilot Butte State Park Trail leads its followers to one of the best views in town: mountains, desert, and sunny skies that continue on for miles are what you can expect from the top!

The path is friendly for leashed dogs and is most often used by families looking to expend some of their children’s energies in fun and interesting ways. Long distance runners also avail themselves of the trail, most often trying to challenge their previous times to the top; keep an eye out for them as they do for you-it’s just common courtesy! In addition to dog walkers, hikers, and runners, you can also spot street bikers making their way to the top of this trail. If you’re interested in trying this out yourself, you can rent road bikes for you and your family from Hutch’s Bicycles!

There’s no rules on how to enjoy the trail other than to make sure that you DO enjoy the trail! For those who find that walking isn’t for them, a second trail to the top is paved and drivable; you still get the views, but without all that effort! We don’t judge. We just offer the options, and since it’s your vacation, you get to choose which option works best for you!


Soak Tired Muscles

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