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Oregon Desert Trail

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The beauty of the natural landscape in Bend, Oregon lies at the heart of what makes our small mountain village such a popular and well-loved vacation destination spot. Majestic mountains with views that take your breath away, lush forests in colorful shades of green during the growing months that then take on the colors of the rainbow in the fall, and rivers snaking through all the wonders add up to outdoor perfection. Life in Bend is a good one, and visitors and residents alike enjoy spending time both inside and outside. Exploring the Oregon Desert Trail is a top contender for their most favorite outdoor activity!

Adventurers, Start Here!

The Oregon Desert Trail is not for the timid, leading followers over 750 miles through Oregon’s most desolate, breathtaking landscapes. Most people break down their explorations into easily managed segments. Parts of the trail are best traversed by horseback or bike, while others are easily hiked. And still others can be done on skis in the winter or by boat in the summer! Created by linking a variety of 4X4 roads, old wagon trails, and current hiking and biking trails, hiking the Oregon Desert Trail is a once in a lifetime experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Beginning Just Outside Bend

The start of this impressive trail begins in Oregon’s Badland Wilderness, just miles from your Bend Vacation Rentals cabin. It ends at the Lake Owyhee Reservoir, right near the Idaho border. Stretching across miles of Oregon desert, the views found along the path will leave you incapable of thought in many segments, and incapable of moving at all in many others!

The best part of the Oregon Desert Trail is knowing that it will continue to expand. This is thanks to the contributions of the Oregon Natural Desert Association and volunteers who want to share its beauty! Even without expansion, these wonderful people work tirelessly to ensure it remains a safe and treasured part of our community. Because of this, our guests are the ones who reap the most benefits.

Best for Experienced Hikers

Although there are parts of the trail that are easily walkable, if you are not in the best physical capacity, you may want to stick to those easy segments and avoid anything more. Only avid campers and backpackers with years of experience should attempt to follow the entire trail. If you are one of those, the views will be a major part of your reward!

For everyone else, contact us today and let us help you find the vacation rental that fits your needs. The soaking and/or hot tubs will be your reward for completing whatever part of the Oregon Desert Trail you accomplish!

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