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We invite you to discover one of the more popular trails in the area, the Green Lakes Trail. Located off the Cascade Lakes Highway, it can be reached by hiking other trails in the area, including the Todd Lake Loop Trail. This trail is so popular, you will probably only want to explore during the weekdays; everyone in Bend wants to hike the Green Lakes Trail on the weekend, and parking fills up fast!

Follow the Path Through a Stunning Natural Landscape

This 9 mile trail will tire out the younger crowd, but the lakes, creeks, and waterfalls found along the trail offer great places to rest, relax, and maybe take advantage of the beautiful scenery with a selfie. An elevation gain of nearly 1200 feet pushes this hike into the moderate range, but the smooth packed trail is still worth attempting, if only for the views alone.

Sought after by more than hikers and walkers, runners and rock climbers are attracted to the Green Lakes Trail as well. If a walk isn’t enough excitement for you, there are plenty of places for fishing, birding, or documenting the wildflowers that grow in colorful bunches throughout much of the trail. Dogs are allowed on this passage to paradise, as long as their human parents take care to clean up after them. The trail is best accessed from June through September; any earlier or later and the weather is just too unpredictable for a safe hike.

One of the best surprises of this trail is discovering that there isn’t just one Green Lake-there are actually three, each equally beautiful and serene. If you can bear the added weight, fill a backpack with a delicious meal and take the time for a picnic next to one of the lakes, or wait until you reach the Fall Creek Falls; the sound of the water rushing over the falls is all the musical accompaniment you will need to ensure great digestion and even greater memories. Whatever you bring in, however, be sure to bring out, as there are no trash receptacles on this 4-hour hike. This land is protected and cherished. Do you want to be the one responsible for ruining the delicate ecosystem?


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