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Another favorite hiking trail in the area is the Farewell Bend River Trail Loop, a trail that leads you along the Deschutes River and offers some gorgeous views of the Bend landscape. The trailhead begins at the Bill Healy Memorial Bridge in Farewell Bend Park and leads its followers on an easy to moderate 3.1 mile walk along the river. Because there is little rise in elevation, this hike is perfect for hikers of all skill levels; if you have younger children, little legs may get tired, so be prepared to do some piggy backing!

The History Makes It Special

Farewell Bend Park is the spot where early settlers would look back at our piece of paradise and bid it farewell before heading off to the unknown; the covered wagon that marks the entrance to Farewell Bend Park is a homage to those brave people. As you hike along the Deschutes River on this scenic trail, you can still get a sense of what those early settlers saw when they rode into town: the river quietly flowing, the birds and butterflies flying here and there, even the trees standing tall beside the river could have been saplings back in those days.

Although the Bill Healy Memorial Bridge was once an object of controversy amongst Bend residents, today it is more than just a way to get across the water-it is the site of some of the best views in Oregon. Take a moment as you cross to look across the water and appreciate the beauty that is found in this part of the country; you’re on vacation and you have all the time in the world!


Perfect for Everyone

It takes all kinds of people to make this world go ’round, and all those people are welcome on the Farewell Bend River Trail Loop. Our guests who are staying in our pet friendly vacation rentals will be pleased to learn that their precious pooches will be accepted and loved while walking the trail-as long as their devoted humans keep them on a leash and remember to clean up after them! Runners who are worried that they might lose some momentum during their Bend vacation will find this trail is perfect to keep them in shape, and because there is little to no elevation change, there’s no worries about breathing issues! Weekends will be crowded, so if crowds bother you, explore during the week; that’s one of the perks of being on vacation!


As the Sun Sets on Your Hiking Adventures

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