Bessie Butte Scenic Viewpoint In Oregon

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Bend is a city of diverse ecosystems. From free-flowing rivers and dense forests and the Bessie Butte scenic viewpoint in Oregon, it is indeed a nature lover’s paradise. With an elevation gain of approximately 147 meters, Bessie Butte is more than just a viewpoint. It is also a hiking trail with a lot of ground to cover. Here are some interesting facts about Bessie Butte you need to know for you trip to Bend.

Bessie Butte Scenic Viewpoint In Oregon

Bessie Butte knows no weather. It is an all-season holiday destination. Each season brings its fair share of difficulties that make your journey to the top more interesting. During winter, paths leading to the viewpoint are covered in snow making it good for that adrenaline moment. Summers are extremely hot but the views from the peak are worth your perseverance.

Hikers’ Playground

The people who enjoy the wild part of the city more are the novice hikers. To them, this is their typical playground and the perfect office to shine. It is a 2.3-kilometer roundtrip that you can easily conquer in less than an hour. The steep accent near the main viewpoint is the highlight of your Bessie Butte adventure. It can be best described as a moderately difficult trail but still manageable to the average hiker. Kids too are free to give it a try.

Beautiful Mountain Views

The highlight of your Bessie Butte adventure are the beautiful views that await at the peak of the viewpoint. Oregon is home to the beautiful Cascades, from where most of the rivers within Bend flow. Climbing up the Cascades can be a difficult adventure on its own. But with the beautiful views from this viewpoint, you have the vast Cascades in plain sight. It is a photogenic scenery with a lot to offer for the gram.


If you have been to trails where dogs are never admitted, then you know how painful it can get. With Bessie Butte, no one is left behind. It is a family-friendly trail where adults, kids, and dogs are allowed. Incorporating your furry friends in your hiking adventures means you will never get bored along the way. That family photo from the top of the cliff has never been this cute!

Where to Stay in Bend

The city of Bend is home to multiple adventures. Exploring them in large numbers calls for more days in the wild. Within the city are several high-end holiday rentals for you to book. Contact us today to customize your dream holiday rental in Bend.

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