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Winter Attractions in Bend

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Known for its wonderful terrain and a conglomeration of ecosystems, Bend is an all-season destination which really comes to life in winter. With the fall season winding down and the temperatures beginning to drop drastically, in comes an amazing weather for you to spend more time outdoors. With an average of 30 feet of snow in the mountains, and approximately 33 inches in the streets, it’s your time to shine in Oregon’s winter. Here are the winter attractions in Bend to make your winter experience worth it all. 

Winter Attractions in Bend

The first and one of the most affordable things to do when visiting a new place is to hike around. Hiking in Bend Oregon inducts you to Oregon’s weather and helps you plan activities ahead. Smith Rock State Park is a good place to kick start your Bend adventure. The park is home to virtually everything. From high peaks to dense forest vegetation and free-flowing rivers, there is never a shortage of activities to explore here. The dipping temperatures of winter create the perfect conditions to hike in the area. The journey through the slopes is equally interesting as it is challenging, thanks to the low traffic.


Skiing and Snowboarding

With the layers of snow forming outside comes another opportunity to try some interesting winter-related activities. Skiing and snowboarding are two common activities that need to be on your to-do list during the winter. These sports are easy to learn, and it won’t take long before you start sliding on snow like a pro. Bend is home to multiple skiing resorts with paths extending tens of miles long. Ice skating, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing are other crucial winter sports to consider.


Sled Dog Rides

While sled dog rides have been commonly used as stunts in movies, they are actually true. Hopping on these rides as the well-built huskies wag their tails is a satisfying experience in itself. These dogs have been used in the Arctic for a long time now. These animals were born to thrive on ice. It is their natural habitat where they enjoy running while pulling their sled. Enjoy the cool breeze all over your body as you traverse the vast mountainous wilderness aboard a sled. If you are the kind that bonds easily with dogs, it won’t take long before you become a musher. These dogs are super-friendly and are valuable adventuring partners across the length of the snowy mountains.


High Desert Museum

After you have had enough of the snow, it’s now time to blend it with some wildlife experience. The High Desert Museum is a good place for everything. From the wildlife and art to the culture and natural resources, you have it all in a single destination. This museum helps you learn about the heritage of the American North and what life was like for Native Americans. With multiple exhibits at your disposal, you have every reason to incorporate the museum into your Bend itinerary.


Soak Up the Heat at Paulina Lake Hot Springs

Although your Bend adventure has been inspired by the onset of winter, you are not limited to winter activities alone. Sometimes, it gets too cold that you can hardly feel your joints. Once it gets to that, some hot springs experience would be the best therapy. Oregon is home to multiple hot springs with Paulina Lake topping the long list. The region is known for its low traffic making it the go-to point to beat crowds. A dip in the hot springs not only arouses your nerves but also heals those painful joints. Also, it is a worthy break from the freezing temperatures of the land.


Bend Ale Trail

The Bend Ale Trail is not your average hiking trail. It is a place where you go for local craft exploration. Oregon has a distinctive craft beer culture that you need to see to believe. Even with the adverse conditions of winter, you have every reason to stick around for a pint or two. In each of the tasting dens is a glowing fire pit to keep you warm all through. Start it off with a small plate to prepare your stomach for the real deal. By the time you are done with all the breweries along the trail, you will come to appreciate why local crafts in Bend are that popular.


Where to Stay in Bend, Oregon

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