The more time you spend in Bend, the more time you realize how much you enjoy being outdoors. It’s difficult to stay inside, no matter how beautiful your Bend Vacation Rentals vacation home is, when you witness the splendor of the great outdoors. The fresh clean air, rocky outcroppings, mature trees, and the river that runs through our town all combine together to create paradise that makes you feel better just by being in the midst of it all. Tumalo State Park is one of our favorite parks, and we think it may soon become yours as well!

So Much to Do!

Summers spent exploring this magnificent track of land will be some of the best hours of your trip. Hike the trails that go along the Deschutes River, feeling the sun on your back as you enjoy the marvels that surround you and watching your children wade happily in the shallower and calmer areas of the water; every adventure you participate in adds to experience.

Early mornings spent rafting down the quiet waters, feeling the coolness of the water beneath you contrasting with the warmth of the sun above you help center you and bring a smile to your heart that remains long after the vacation is over. Teaching your son or daughter the joys of casting for fish in the shallow banks, lovingly going through the tackle box of flies that once belonged to your grandfather and one day will go to that youngster sitting next to you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

On days you have too many plans and not enough hours, you can grab a quick lunch and bring it to Tumalo State Park, making time for family in the simplest and most enjoyable of ways. Some of our happiest memories involve nothing more than an hour spent at the playground, climbing, running, jumping, and laughing as the sun set overhead in a blaze of color. The dinners we shared after were amongst the best tasting we can remember. What will be your best memories of your trip to Tumalo State Park?

Family Fun

As some of you already know, your children stay little for just a short time, and if you keep putting off the special stuff, your opportunities to build memories will pass you by. Reserve your Bend Vacation Rentals family home and start making memories today!

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