Romantic and breathtaking, a waterfall is one of Mother Nature’s grandest accomplishments, coming in all sizes, shapes, and styles. Coming upon a single stream of water rushing off a rocky mountain incline is always a charming moment, destined to make you pause for a moment and appreciate its simplicity. Standing on a boat deck in the midst of a grand waterfall, feeling the mist on your face and the power in its spray can remind you of your place in your universe. And discovering the beauty of Dillon Falls at the end of a long hike can help you feel whole again; you never knew what was missing in your life until you happen across the tranquil beauty of Dillon Falls, located at the end of the Deschutes River Trail in the Deschutes National Forest.

Hike the Trails at Dillon Falls in Bend,Oregon

If your looking for ways to get to this tourist attractions in Bend, Oregon, the Deschutes River Trail is the most scenic way to get to Dillon Falls in Bend,Oregon, and it’s a long one, 14 miles in length! The trail is wide and relatively flat, and is popular with bikers as well as hikers, so be sure to watch your backs as you make your way through lush Oregon landscape to the falls. As you hike through the trees, there will be areas that suddenly open into wide and lush meadows, picnic spots with tables so you don’t have to spread a blanket on the ground to enjoy your midday feast, and of course, the calmer waters that lead to the rapids of Dillon Falls. If hiking long distances is not your thing, there are shorter trails that come off Conklin Road that will turn a day long hike into a half day adventure, but remember that all the trails that lead to the falls may have a considerable number of mosquitos, so don’t forget your insect repellant!

You’ve Reached Your Destination

It won’t be a secret; you’ll know you are getting closer as the sounds of falling water get louder and the air begins to feel moister. Dillon Falls aren’t like the ones you see in Hawaii or Canada. These are more like really strong rapids that increase in height. The highest drop is over 8 feet, but the power and the beauty will still take your breath away. Stop for a while and take in the sights. This is a moment that will stay in your heart forever.

Hiking Makes You Hungry

Whether if you are in town to host your wedding, attend a family reunion or enjoy a romantic honeymoon, you will love visiting this beautiful attraction. Even if you did pack a picnic lunch, chances are you will be starving as you head back to your Bend Vacation Rentals charming cottage with the sun setting above you in a blaze of color. Reserve yours today and discover the comforts of resting at home after a long day spent hiking the trails!

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