Deschutes Historical Museum In Bend Oregon

We have often discovered the best way to learn about a town you are visiting is to explore their history at a local museum. Understanding the trials, tribulations, and celebrations of those that came before us opens up our minds to the beauty of how far they have come, and when you visit the Deschutes Historical Museum in Bend, your glimpse into our past will truly be enlightening! Located at 129 NW Idaho Avenue and open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM, this museum is a spot that has something of interest for all members of your family.

Deschutes Historical Museum in Bend: Rooted in Education

Reid School, constructed in 1914, was no longer going to be in use as a school. The Historical Society was in need of a building to hold all the artifacts they had been preserving over the years, and in 1975 the Deschutes Historical Museum in Bend had finally found a home—one that needed a lot of work before it could open, but a home nonetheless. Today, this charming establishment pays tribute to its origins with Mr. Reid’s Classroom, an exhibit designed to give patrons the opportunity to see what it would have looked like when it was still a school back in 1914; there’s even a test you can take, if you care to spend your vacation time taking tests, that is!

Other Attractions In Bend

The history of our mountain village is important to us and fascinating to our visitors. Learn about the early days of Bend, take a peek at the “state of the art” appliances used by locals—wood burning stoves, butter churns, even early washers (wash boards) and dryers (clothing lines)— and even be educated on our Oregon forests. Life in the town of Bend would not be the same without the contribution of our founders and the logging industry that was once so popular, but we’ve sure learned a lot about conservation over the decades!

Heritage Walks, History Pubs, and So Much More!

Our museum doesn’t start and end at the entrance, as we enjoy taking our guests out and about. Nothing makes history come to life easier than visiting the places you see in our pictures! Heritage walks are held on Saturdays and celebrate the history and diversity of Bend, it’s architecture, and its people, while our history pubs allow you to enjoy a cold one as you learn about topics pertaining to the area. Held on the last Tuesday of the month, you may not retain much, but we promise you will have a great time!

Come for the History

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