Escape the hustle of city life during your Bend, Oregon adventure getaway and check out some of the incredible outdoor attractions found around the area. Countless hiking trails will lead you to some of the most extraordinary places you have ever seen. One of these locations is the popular Boyd Cave. This well-preserved lava tube is believed to be almost 400,000 years old. Luckily, nature has been kind to Boyd Cave, letting you explore through almost 2,000 feet of lava tube.

Hiking to Boyd Cave

The trek to Boyd Cave is a simple one and is roughly half a mile long. Boyd Cave in Bend Oregon is best accessed from China Hat Road, one of the exits from Highway 97 South. The cave is approximately 20 miles southeast of Bend, making it just a short drive from your vacation rental.

Boyd Cave

Once inside Boyd Cave you will find a cool hideaway that is perfect to explore on a warm day during the summer. The majority of the cave can be traversed on foot with the exception of one 8- to 10-foot section that requires hikers to crawl; some other sections may have you crouching down, especially for those are tall. The hike through Boyd Cave is roughly one mile long and you can exit on the other side. Boyd Cave is not for those who are claustrophobic. Having access to headlamps or flashlights is highly recommended so you can see what is in front of you. More experienced hikers may recommend headlamps so you can keep your hands free during your trek.

Preparing for Boyd Cave

If you are new to the area, make sure to double check your packing list. As mentioned, having a light source is basically required during your visit to Boyd Cave in Bend Oregon. However, packing a secondary light source is also recommended just in case your light does go out. Comfortable hiking shoes will make your experience even better. Last, do not forget water and a camera, as the sights may take your breath away.

A Spelunking Bend Getaway

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