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Central Oregon Locavore

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The Central Oregon Locavore is an ecologically stable and socially just food market that promotes the local food our community farmers provide. Their goal is to educate the community and provide locally grown food from sustainable sources. Central Oregon Locavore began in April 2009 with a mission to improve access to nutrient-dense food grown locally with the help of local outreach programs to target low-income families and those in need.

Central Oregon Locavore was founded by Nicolle Timm, who grew up eating fresh, seasonal produce from her family’s garden in Bend, Oregon. Here are a few reasons why we think Central Oregon Locavore should be your first and only stop for fresh, local produce!

Fantastic Events

Not only does Central Oregon Locavore provide local produce, but it also hosts a variety of local vendors in rotating events. The events rotate around the year based upon the seasons. Some fall and winter events from this past year include Fill Your Pantry, a bulk-buying event created to help you fill your pantry full of local products before the oncoming winter and help vendors clear their stock before the harsh cold rolls in, Food Swap, and Meet Your Farmer Dinner. Participating vendors typically include local farms such as DD Ranch, Radicle Roots Farm, Rogue Farm Corps, and more. A list of upcoming events can be found on their website at http://centraloregonlocavore.org/, just under the Events header!


Community-Engaging Programs

Central Oregon Locavore features a variety of programs to assist the community. To educate, Central Oregon Locavores partners with local schools for curriculum-based school field trips and monthly classes on how to cook with local food and how to forage for seasonal food.

To cultivate, they create relationships with local farmers and chefs, host a Meet Your Farmer Dinnerin which featured local farmers host a presentation about their farm over a meal at a local restaurant created using as many of said farmer’s products as possible, volunteer to work with farmers, and assist with the Small Farmer Support program. To celebrate, they host monthly farm to table dinners in a rotating series; they even hold community supported dance parties. There’s plenty of fun to partake in while supporting our thriving community!


Become a Locavore Today!

Now is your chance to help out the community while shopping for delicious, fresh produce grown right here in the area! When not shopping for local produce, you can become a Locavore and volunteer to your heart’s content helping those in need. Stop by Central Oregon Locavore at their new location at 1841 NE 3rd St, Bend, OR 97701. You can get a hold of Central Oregon Locavore at (541) 633-7388 and info@centraloregonlocavore.org, or check out their Facebook and Instagram. Central Oregon Locavore is open Tuesday through Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Become a Locavore today!

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