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Wine Tasting and Stargazing in Bend Oregon Tour

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Do you enjoy looking up at night at the beautiful starry sky? Do you like to taste delicious wine at local wineries? If so, you can enjoy these two activities all in one incredible experience with Star Gazing Photography Wine Tasting in Bend, Oregon. You will be taken on a small group excursion just outside of town so you can find the best spots for stargazing in Bend Oregon.

Depart at Dusk

Each stargazing in Bend Oregon photography and wine tasting experience starts at dusk. Depending on the time of year in Bend, this usually occurs right around 6 to 7pm. The trip starts off at a local winery where you can enjoy generous tasting pours of these locally crafted wines. Make sure to purchase a bottle while there that you can take out with you for the star gazing! After you and your guides are satisfied, you will be taken up to 7,000 feet of elevation, bringing you as close to the stars as possible. Star gazers are allowed plenty of time to enjoy the view, drink their bottle of wine, snack on some delicious treats, and watch the starry sky become more vibrant by the minute.


More Than Just a Guide

These tours have been nominated as some of the best star gazing tours in the Pacific Northwest and provide tons of fun in Bend Oregon. Not only will you be shown around, but your tour guides will be serious star gazing enthusiasts who enjoy the trip just as much as you. Each guide will have an amateur spotting scope, but if you happen to have your own, make sure to bring it too.

As mentioned in the title, this stargazing in Bend Oregon tour is also ideal for photographers. You will get some of the clearest shots of the Milky Way and other nearby systems. The stars will seem just barely outside of your fingertip reach. Make sure to check any weather before departing on your epic star gazing tour! Each tour will last approximately four hours with the wine tasting and star observation. Round trip is also provided with each and every trip.


Your Stargazing in Bend Oregon Adventure

Enjoy this incredible star gazing and wine tasting tour and other unbelievable attractions during your next stay in Bend. We will make sure you have a trip like no other with resort-like amenities and access to private homes. Contact our team of rental experts today for more ideas of fun in Bend Oregon and to book one of our vacation rentals!

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