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Beginner’s Fly Fishing in Bend Oregon Tour

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If you have not visited Bend, Oregon before, you have been missing out on some of the best fishing locales in the entire Pacific Northwest. Bend is located right on the Deschutes River, featuring a variety of fish that can be caught with the right fishing gear. If you are looking for the best spots to fish from and a local guide to take you around, look no further than the Beginner’s Tour for Fly Fishing in Bend Oregon.

A Classic American Pastime

Fly fishing in Bend Oregon has been around for centuries, making it a classic American pastime. If you have not been fly fishing before, fret not, as the professional guides are there to help you. Each tour starts at Baker City Hotel where you are picked up and given a delicious cup of local coffee. You will be taken to Anthony Lakes that is roughly 45 minutes just outside of town. You will be taught the basics of casting and safety of your fishing rod. Once you are ready to go, it is off to the open water!

Prime Fishing Destination

Anthony Lakes is one of the best fishing holes in the state, giving you plenty of opportunities to land your fish. This picturesque lake is so quiet you can hear every time a fish jumps out of the water. You will don fishing waders and be given a fishing pole before you step into the water. Your tour guide will be on hand to answer any questions you have and give you some helpful hints on how to best land a fish.

Multiple Fishing in Bend Oregon Tours

Fly fishing in Bend Oregon tours are available by the half day or full day tour, giving you plenty of opportunities to show your skill. Full day tours include a second stop at another local lake that is known to be stocked with monstrous rainbow trout. You will even be shown how to prepare and cook your newly caught fish! Beginner’s Fly Fishing Tours are perfect for two to six people and operates during all weather conditions. Schedule your next tour by calling Go Wild: American Adventures at 541-403-1692.

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Your Fly Fishing Destination

There is nothing better to do in Bend Oregon than enjoying fly fishing and other outdoor activities during your next stop in town. Make sure your stay is one to remember by reserving one of our vacation rentals that are stocked with luxury amenities and all the essentials you could want. Our rental experts will even help you find the perfect rental for you, just call today!

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