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Trattoria Sbandati is One of the Best Restaurants in Bend Oregon

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Perhaps there is no food Americans love more than Italian food. From pizza to spaghetti, we have made the starchy, salty, and saucy dishes a part of our everyday diet. Trattoria Sbandati serves some of the most delicious Italian food in Bend, and does so in an intimate, white tablecloth setting.

The food is all farm fresh, made from scratch, and only available after 5:00 pm. You will want to drop your diet, because you are sure to want to try all five courses at one of the area’s highest rated restaurants in Bend!


The shareable appetizers include a fabulous raw zucchini salad, a bruschetta which is served with tomato sauce with sautéed spinach, and cannellini beans. There is an Italian cheese plate which is served with a robust fig jam, fresh walnuts, and pinecone syrup. There is also a meat plate served with fresh garlic bread.

The First Course

First course highlights include a well-balanced penne pasta with parsley, garlic, and capers. The anchovy pasta combines the salty fish perfectly with the garlic and parsley it is cooked in. There is also a tagliatelle pasta that is cooked in a rosemary, mushroom, and garlic sauce.

The Main Course

Main course options at one of the best restaurants in Bend Oregon include a dish which is similar to a soufflé without the whipped egg whites. It contains fresh eggs and crispy asparagus as well as Parmigiano Reggiano and béchamel sauce. If eggs are not your thing, there is a pan seared Alaskan cod which is served in a sharp tomato sauce. Be sure to get a side of the sautéed spinach that comes cooked in a delicious olive oil.

The Desserts at One of the Best Restaurants in Bend Oregon

The tiramisu is rich, creamy, and spongy—just the way it should be. The panna cotta is cooked to perfection and contains an incredibly delicious raspberry sauce. The bongos are basically cream puffs served with melted dark chocolate and powdered sugar.

The restaurant serves all the obligatory coffee and alcohol drinks, and the staff is well educated in the art of selecting wine.

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