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Spork Bend

Did you ever wish you could taste cuisines from the whole globe, all in one place? Believe it or not, you can do that in just one restaurant: the famous Spork Bend. This local gem began as a humble food truck that got voted “best chow cart” every year, and in 2013 it opened its Newport Street brick-and-mortar location. Now you don’t have to wonder where the food truck might be! Just head on down to Spork Bend OR for the best in local cuisine.

Diversity is the Difference!

Not a whole lot of restaurants can get away with serving West African Peanut Stew right next to Chilaquiles and Thai Steak Salad. But Spork Bend is just that good! Chef-owner Jeff Hunt serves up a global selection of dishes that will wow your palate (and maybe educate you a bit about geography in the process?). Discover old favorites, and challenge yourself to try something new: how about Lomo Saltado with a side of Kimchi? Or Spicy Fried Chicken with an appetizer of Burmese Fried Cheese? And of course, there are daily specials waiting to surprise you!

Local and Sustainable

Central Oregon is a great place for fresh food. Not only is there abundant farmland in Oregon’s fertile river valleys, but there are also lots of ranches producing humane and healthy meats. Spork Bend OR is a member of Slow Food USA and is a supporter of Central Oregon Locavore and the High Desert Food and Farm Alliance. And the very best of all? Though so many places offering sustainable organic cuisine charge high prices, Spork Bend prides itself on remaining affordable so that everyone can enjoy the deliciousness.

Don’t Forget the Drinks!

You’re definitely going to need a beverage to go with all that, and owner-manager Erica Reilly is poised to deliver! She’s got a wide array for you to choose from, including original and classic cocktails, taps, wines, housemade non-alcoholic drinks, kombucha, cider, and daily specials. So many good drinks, you’d almost come in for those alone (just kidding, you really couldn’t do that without ordering at least a plate of Yuca Chips!).

No Reservations Needed

In fact, Spork Bend doesn’t even take reservations. Just show up and eat. For busy people on the go, Spork Bend OR offers fast and easy takeout, as well as family-style large takeout options for parties and gatherings. Spork is a must-stop for your Bend vacation; maybe you’ll even walk there from your great rental? Check out our selection of rental homes, and start planning your trip today!

937 NW Newport Ave, Bend, OR

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