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Bonta Gelato in Bend Oregon

Nothing screams vacation food quite like an ice cream. The creamy and cold concoction is the perfect treat on a hot day, and an ice cream sundae is the perfect dessert after a big hot meal in the winter. If you are vacationing in Bend, Oregon, you must try Bonta Gelato in Bend Oregon, which has some of the most flavorful and delicious treats in town.

Owners Jeff and Juli Labbhart have traveled around the world finding different flavors to incorporate in to their handcrafted gelato. The shop is located in downtown Bend and it is open every day from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. Although there are a lot of bakeries and candy shops in Bend, you won’t want to leave town without trying some of this shop’s signature gelato.

Signature Flavors of Gelato in Bend Oregon

One of the tastiest and most unexpected flavors the shop offers is cardamom. Cardamom is a spice that is made from a combination of seeds and has a piquant and citrusy flavor. The robust coffee flavor of the Thump Expresso makes it the quintessential Pacific Northwest treat. Every bite of the Vanilla Bourbon Pecan tastes like pecan pie ala mode from a fine Southern bakery. The Salted Chocolate reminds you of the delicious dark chocolates you may get in the confection shops of France.

Bonta Gelato in Bend Oregon also offers some delicious non-dairy sorbets as well, such as the rich and creamy Chocolate Coconut and the Oregon Boysenberry, which is made with fresh picked berries.

You can enjoy your gelato in a cup or fresh waffle cone. All the flavors taste delicious by themselves, but they also have some tasty toppings such as fresh berry sauces and dark chocolate. They occasionally offer hot apple pie which pairs well with the coconut or vanilla gelatos.

If you can’t make it to the shop, they have a stand at the local farmers’ market. If you want to enjoy the gelato at home, you can get a pint of it at many of the Safeway grocery stores in Oregon.

Where to Stay

Although the gelato in Bend Oregon may be a major draw, there are a lot of other things to do in the area, and you may have to stay a while to see everything. Bend Vacation Rentals can find you the perfect place to stay. Our beautiful homes have comfortable furniture, plenty of space, and lots of amenities. Contact us today to learn about great spots for ice cream in Bend Oregon and to book one of our homes!