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Backporch Coffee Roasters

Coffee lovers are very picky about how their coffee is prepared and served. Everyone has different likes and preferences and knows that THEIR choice is the only right way to have it. And because we don’t believe in arguing with our guests (we have our choices, too!), we just lead them to different shops to allow them to find their own personal coffee nirvana. Maybe you will find it at Backporch Coffee Roasters, a cold brew coffee place that roast their own beans—quite deliciously, we must say!

Kick Off Your Day with Coffee in Bend

So delicious they need three places to serve all their fans, this hometown shop really knows how to please true lovers of coffee in Bend. The red barn-like look of the exterior makes it easy for newcomers to find, and the sleek and modern interiors of their shops aren’t just pleasing to the eye, they show how Backporch Coffee Roasters focuses on the true purpose of their existence: brewing that black gold we all crave!

Open since 2006, they roast their own beans in small batches, ensuring each bean offers its best flavor, much to the pleasure of all their fans. It all began in Eugene, when Dave started roasting beans on his back porch while the skateboard tourneys went on in the alley. Then on to Bend and the start of Backporch. The rest is history.

Keep Your Day Going with Coffee in Bend

Many visitors to Bend come for the year-round outdoor activities here. But just because you’re out enjoying those outdoor activities doesn’t mean you have to go without great coffee. And there may be times you just can’t make it back to your rental or to town and the coffee bar, or you don’t have access to your grinder and your favorite brewer, and you need that cup of coffee now. Never fear, Backporch has the answer. They worked hard on getting these single-serve packets right, and you’ll be glad they did.

The Backporch “Pour Over Pack” and Instant Coffee packs are single-serve packets of your favorite Backporch blend that are just the ticket for when you’re camping and hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. Now you can enjoy a great cup of coffee while sitting on the side of a mountain or by that cool mountain stream.  You can purchase a Travel Coffee Dripper online or in their stores. It’s great for keeping in the car for those coffee emergencies too!

And speaking of travel coffee, try their canned cold brew too! Get these interesting cold coffee brews – with flavors like Coconut Superfood Cold Brew – at one of their stores while they’re in stock. They go fast! And while you’re at the store (or surfing the online store), be sure to grab a stylish Backporch beanie for those cool nights, a retro Backporch baseball cap, or maybe a nifty souvenir t-shirt. That beanie and a hot cup of coffee will keep you warm all over.

Sweet Treats and the Hot Strong Stuff

The perfect morning break isn’t complete without a sweet treat to enjoy with your caffeine, and the selection of pastries from Backporch Coffee in Bend will please even the pickiest of eaters. Featuring an international blend of baklava, scones, and the occasional croissant and bagel, the choices change frequently, but the one thing that never changes is how good they all taste! Vacation mornings are all that much sweeter when enjoying coffee prepared just the way you like it and a pastry to mellow your mood!

With over ten blends, Backporch will have a blend to match everyone’s coffee tastes. The Signature Backporch blend has notes of dark chocolate, cherry and caramel while the customer favorite House Roast is a nice medium roast. And Daybreak, a strong, smoky dark roast, will wake you up in no time!

Buy a Bag for Later

Offering an online store to help you feed your new addiction once you’ve returned home to real life, and the opportunity to pick up a bag (or six) of their small batch beans to enjoy in the comfort of your Bend Vacation Rentals rustic cabin, it’s easier than ever to enjoy Backporch Coffee Roasters! While you’re online, pick up a few safety masks with cool central Oregon scenes on the front so you can be safe while you’re out and about, and maybe a cool coffee bean soy candle. Light that baby up and keep that lovely fresh brewed coffee smell going all day!

Start each day of your getaway with a cold brew cup of joe served in your new Backporch Coffee Roasters souvenir cup, sitting out on the deck watching the sun rise over Mt. Bachelor; this vacation is going to be a magical one! Contact us today to reserve your Oregon escape today and discover how the best vacations can be enhanced with a stay in one of our homes.

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