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Silver Moon Brewery

You know how it is when you get a song in your head and you just can’t get rid of it? For some reason, every time we visit Silver Moon Brewery, songs about moons and buffalos start running through our head, forcing us to have another beer to force it out! In any case, don’t let the music in your head scare you away, Silver Moon is the final frontier that deserves to be explored!

Silver Moon Brewery: Located at 24 NW Greenwood Avenue

Only recently re-opened after a five-month renovation, the new Silver Moon Brewery is even better than before! Built of stucco and stone, the outside hints at the wonders you will find inside, making you stop and take note before venturing inside. Industrial chic décor greets you, with round tables created from wood and whiskey barrels scattered throughout, polished concrete floors, and a stainless-steel bar that beckons you warmly. Don’t be shy, Silver Moon Brewing is always looking for new friends!

Beer is Our Friend

And the beers served at Silver Moon are especially friendly! Featuring brews from a variety of different categories, Year-Round, Lunar, Alpha Project, and Specialties, their ever-changing beer menu makes us happy and will have your beer taste buds salivating in anticipation! Get Sum, from their year-round series, Cranberry Gose from their Lunar Series, and Tropic Zombie from their Alpha Project are all beers worthy of a second drink, but don’t forget their specialty group! You’ll be asking for a hippopotamus for Christmas before you finish your first pint!

Beer and Bar Food Make a Great Combination

We can’t help it, we LOVE bar food, and the food served at Silver Moon Brewing combines wonderfully with their beer. There’s nothing fancy here—nachos, burgers, and appetizers—but who needs fancy when you can have filling and delicious? This pub is the place you go to kick back with your friends, and if you’re vacationing in Bend and don’t have any friends in the area, it won’t take long to make some during your visit! We feel, and the Silver Moon staff agrees, you can never have too many friends, so come on over, pull up a stool, and prepare to have a simply wonderful time!

Things to Do in Bend

Once you are done drinking, you will find that there is an awful lot to do and see in Bend. If you love the outdoors, the town offers a bevy of activities. You can go mountain biking on any one of the town’s beautiful trails. If you prefer to get your exercise on your feet, you can go for a hike on The Desert Trail or enjoy one of the many trails in the Three Sisters area. The Deschutes River offers tubing, white water rafting and paddle boarding, and you will find many instructors and guides available to help you. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing at Mount Bachelor, or you can take a snowshoeing tour on any one of several trails.

If it is education you crave, the town offers a couple of terrific museums. You can visit the High Desert Museum, where you will learn all about the flora and fauna that are indigenous to the area. You will also learn about the Native Americans who once inhabited Bend and the Lewis and Clark expedition that helped to settle the area. The Deschutes Historical Museum will teach you and your family about the history of the Pacific Northwest and how it became the perfect place to live.

If you are looking for some unique gifts to bring back to your friends back home, you will want to pay a visit to Downtown Bend. There you will find jewelry stores with many handcrafted bobbles that make the perfect present. You will also see the work of many famous Oregon artists in all of the galleries that downtown has to offer.

Where to Stay

Your vacation is too important to stay in a tiny hotel or motel room. You deserve a fabulous vacation home that is loaded with luxury amenities. The vacation experts at Bend Vacation Rentals can find you the perfect place to stay.

Our homes come with large living rooms that have lots of cozy seating and flat screen televisions where you can have a family movie night. You can keep in touch with your friends back home when you use our free high-speed internet. Our kitchens come equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, so you can always fix a home-cooked meal and serve it around the big table that we provide. Our bedrooms come with comfortable beds and lots of closet space and our bathrooms are always sparkling clean and stocked with towels and toiletries.

Good Times with Good Food, Good Drinks, and Good Friends

Your Oregon vacation is going to be one for the record books. Contact us today to reserve your Bend Vacation Rentals vacation escape and get the good times rolling!

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