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Red Tank Cider

Are you getting a little bit tired of beer and wine? When’s the last time you tried some apple cider? No, not that fizzy non-alcoholic stuff the kids love… the real thing! Hard cider is making some serious waves here in central Oregon, and when you’re in Bend, you’ll just have to try some at Red Tank Cider. It’s a uniquely Oregonian product: you’re in the land of apples, after all!

Many Flavors

With roughly the same alcohol content as beer, cider can be a delicious alternative. Its taste ranges from sweet to “dry,” and it can have a lot of different flavors incorporated into it, just like beer. At Red Tank Cider here in Bend, they’re giving them all a try! They make four Premier ciders on a regular basis: a sweet, a dry, a pear cider, and a cherry-apple blend. But where the fun really begins is with their wide range of seasonal flavors: Depending on what time of year you stop in, they may be brewing up raspberry, pumpkin pie, tropical, Mexican-inspired, strawberry, or something else entirely!

Easy to Visit

While regular tasting room hours are from 4 to 6 on Friday afternoons, if you’re in town on a different day of the week, you can still come by. Red Tank Cider Bend OR. welcomes visits by appointment on any day of the week, so just give them a call or email and set it up! You can also find their brews at many different seasonal brewfests, including Cider Rite of Spring (Portland, March), Hood River Ciderfest (Hood River, April), and Bend Brewfest (Bend, August). These are standout opportunities to taste their wonderful seasonal experimental brews, as well as fun festivals where you can enjoy the best brews Oregon has to offer (and that’s saying a lot!)

Downtown Bend

One of the great things about Red Tank Cider is that it’s so easy to get here from our awesome downtown Bend rental properties. When you stay in downtown Bend, you’re within walking distance of so many great spots. While Bend is famous for outdoor sports and nearby wilderness areas, the town itself is also a lot of fun to explore, with an excellent array of restaurants, breweries, and shops right along the riverfront. Check out our great Bend vacation rentals and find the one that’s just right for your vacation!


Red Tank Cider
840 SE Woodland Blvd. #185
Bend, OR 97702