Many visitors to Bend know the city for its impressive array of craft beer breweries. However, Bend is also home to a growing number of craft liquor distilleries, creating innovative versions of classic liquors. Oregon Spirit Distillers is one of those distilleries! They not only specialize in craft whiskeys, but in producing an array of high-quality, locally-made spirits. Read on below to learn more about the Bend distillery!

Embrace the Pioneer Spirit of the Craft Liquor Scene

Located in the Orchard District, Oregon Spirit Distillers operates a distillery, a public tasting room, and a renowned private cocktail lounge known as the Barrel Thief Lounge. They make sure to give guests a variety of setting choices for sampling their fine spirits. The ambiance at Barrel Thief Lounge is laid-back and cozy. Enjoy tasters and small bites indoors along the refined wood bar under the warm, radiant lighting. Or they can enjoy the outdoors on the breezy patio, lounging under twinkling lights while listening to live music by a fire pit.

Oregon Spirit Distillers has the distinction of the “bottled in bond” label, which stems from a regulatory act from the late 1800s. This act ensures the quality of American-made whiskey, and is a sign of authenticity and attention to detail. All of their spirits rated as 100 proof or above. Bend distillery have something for everyone!

While the distillery specializes in whiskeys with wheat, bourbon, and other combinations of Oregon grains and mountain water, Oregon Spirit Distillers also offers an exclusive selection of spirits. Try their Wild Card Absinthe, Merrylegs Genever Gin, Scribbles Dry Gin, and Oregon Spirit Vodka for a change of pace.

The tasting room at Oregon Spirit Distillers is open from 12:00pm to 6:00pm on Sunday through Tuesday and from 12:00pm to 7:00pm on Wednesday through Saturday, with free tours given daily at 5:00pm. For tours of the distillery itself, you’ll want to make a reservation with the distillery.

Oregon Spirit Distillers is located at 740 NE 1st St., Bend, OR 97701, in Suites A, B, and C. You can reach the distillery by phone at (541) 382-0002 or (541) 550-4747, or by email on their website,

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