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Monkless Belgian Ales

Beer enthusiasts from all over the world know that Bend, Oregon is home to some of the greatest craft breweries around. Whether you are making your way to Bend for the beer alone or just looking for a quick place to grab a beer, make sure you check out Monkless Belgian Ales. Since the sixth century, monasteries have been brewing up Belgian ales to provide substance for their communities. As the name implies, you will not find any monks at Monkless Belgian Ales, but instead artfully crafted brews that any beer drinker will enjoy.

Why Drink Belgian

For those who do not know, Belgian ales are some of the most accessible beers to enjoy. You will not find any overpowering hops or excessive spices, but instead a refined Belgian-style yeast that makes for an old but remarkable style. Belgian ales won’t make you feel full like other beer varieties can. These Belgian-style beers are meant to be enjoyed with others and in a relaxing setting.

Family Owned & Operated

Through dedicated patience and study, the monks perfected their brewing process over hundreds of years. While brewmaster Todd Clement is no monk, he understands the appreciation of these traditional Belgian ales. Todd’s doctorate in Organic Chemistry gives him the ability to provide meticulous attention to beer brewed in-house. And there is no better place to enjoy these hand-crafted ales than right in the comfort of the brewery. You will find a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy your beer with a peace of mind. Rotating taps make sure new beers are always added throughout the season, giving you something new to drink each time you visit Monkless Belgian Ales, one of the top Bend Oregon breweries.

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Finding Monkless Belgian Ales

Enjoy the freshly crafted beers at Monkless Belgian Ales in Bend at 20750 High Desert Lane. The brewery is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, Friday through Saturday from 1:00pm – 8:00pm, and Sundays 1:00pm – 5:00pm. Visit their website at www.monkless.com to review what beers are currently on tap or feel free to call 458-206-6865.

Things to Do in Bend

Visitors to the city of Bend are always amazed at the diversity of things to do in this charming High Desert community. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, we offer hikes for people off all different ability levels in the summer. You can climb to a peak at the Three Sisters mountain area or enjoy the beautiful Oregon Desert Trail. Summer is also a great time to go for a mountain bike ride on one of Bend’s many trails. If you visit in the winter, be sure to go skiing at Mount Bachelor or take one of the sled rides offered in town.

If you like getting a bit of education in with your fun, you can visit the High Desert Museum where you will see and learn about the various plants and animals that are indigenous to Bend. You will also learn all about the way life was for the Native Americans who once resided in Bend and the settlers who built up the Pacific Northwest. The museum is open all year and offers both temporary and permanent exhibits.

If you are an art enthusiast, you will think you are in heaven when you visit Downtown Bend. You will find many art galleries here, where some of the state’s best artists show off their work.

A Monkless Bend Getaway

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