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Bend, Oregon continues to be a top travel destination in the Pacific Northwest. The various outdoor activities are a thrill to enjoy but can be difficult to navigate for those with disabilities. Bend is full of great activities for individuals with a variety of disabilities. Here is how you can make the most of your Bend trip:


Wheelchair Friendly Hikes

Those who are wheelchair bound can still enjoy the incredible hiking trails found around Bend. There are several paved hiking trails around the area and are safe for wheelchairs. The best spot to check out is the paved trail found right outside Sparks Lake. This 1/3-mile trail lets you get in great views and does not have too great of an incline. A wheelchair-accessible restroom is even found at the start of the trail.


Oregon Adaptive Sports

Exploring the Bend’s outdoor paradise is still possible for those with disabilities. Oregon Adaptive Sports, a local nonprofit organization that has been operating since 1996, showcases summer programs for children and adults. This program includes exciting outdoor sports including road cycling, hiking, paddling, outdoor climbing, mountain biking, and even golf and yoga. Don’t miss the scheduled group sessions held throughout the summer season, where visitors can attend and enjoy these exciting programs. You can also book private sessions, helpful for anyone who is trying these outdoor sports for the first time with a disability. You can find more information on their annual summer program at


Disability-Friendly Attractions

One of the most exciting attractions for anyone with or without disabilities is the High Desert Museum. This local attraction features hands-on encounters with local wildlife and live animal shows including otters, local birds, and more. It features the exhibits both indoors and outdoors but have plenty of paved walkways, making navigation by wheelchair easy enough. There are some steep inclines that can make it difficult going up, but the front desk can help you navigate around them.


Visit Bend Oregon

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