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Top Tips for Bend Oregon Travel

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It’s always nice to have a few tips regarding your vacation destination. At Bend Vacation Rentals, we like to think we are very nice people! We live here, work here, our kids go to school here. No one knows this mountain town better than us, and we want to share what we’ve learned over the years. So we decided to share our tips with our favorite people: current guests, past guests, and guests of our future! Keep reading to learn how to make your Bend vacation one you will never forget! Learn about things to do in Bend Oregon below:


Simple Works for Us

Dinners with the entire family, early mornings watching the sun rise over Mt. Bachelor, and long weekends spent hiking along the Deschutes River: These are just a few things that make our mountain village so wonderful. We don’t need glittering lights (except at Christmas!) or high-rise buildings that block the sunlight. Instead, we have breathtaking sunsets, clean mountain streams, and a sincere appreciation of the simple life.


Respecting Nature

In a world with diminishing ozone layers, polluted rivers, and melting ice-caps, we in Bend truly appreciate the natural beauty we are blessed with and work hard to keep it so. Like the Boy Scouts, we believe in leaving a place better than it was when we arrived, so if you’re hiking, biking, boating, skiing, or just hanging around, take an extra second to throw that empty can in the recycle bin, bend over and pick up that cigarette butt you just tossed, and pack everything from your picnic basket away. Pack it in, pack it out—that’s our theme!


Stay on the Trails

Continuing with the respecting nature theme, our delicate ecosystem can be destroyed simply by tromping through places you really shouldn’t be. Stay on the trails and respect the landscape of Bend.


Invest in a Good Pair of River Shoes

Chances are your summer vacation in Bend will have you spending a lot of time in the water and rocky bottoms can hurt tender feet. Invest in a pair of shoes meant for rugged uses, and don’t risk losing a flip flop to the currents.


Dress for the Season

Winters can be frigid, and if you come unprepared, you may not enjoy your visit! Check the weather before you pack, and remember: Even our summer nights can be cooler than you are used to, so an extra hoody can always come in handy. Bend Oregon travel is for everyone!


Your Destination for Bend Oregon Travel

Bend Vacation Rentals offer the homes that make you happy! Reserve yours today and make your unforgettable Oregon vacation even better!

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