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We think we are pretty lucky to be able to live where we do: a town with four seasons and a natural landscape so beautiful, we still find ourselves gasping in awe as the sun sets in a display of blazing color over Mt. Bachelor. So, if we answered with our hearts, we would have to say every day of the year is the perfect time to visit! But because you probably want more concrete facts when planning your vacation to Bend, we have done some research and will reveal the answers below. Here are the reasons to visit Oregon below:


Summer Is the Best Time

With temperatures barely making it past the mid-80s and less rainy days than any other time of the year, Bend comes alive in the summer. The landscape is lush and green, kids are happy to be out of school, and the Summer Festival is in town during the first week of July. This is the perfect time to go fishing or hiking or, for those who prefer more civilized pursuits, shopping in the cute little boutiques that can be found all around Bend. There are plenty of things to do in Bend Oregon.


Winter Is the Best Time

Of course, there’s something to be said for visiting Bend in the winter. Cold days and even colder nights allow for bundling up warmly, snuggling with your partner, and partaking in your favorite winter drinks. The snow blankets the countryside, softening the sharp edges of leave-less trees and steel gray skies, and offering exciting opportunities for skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and creating imaginative snow angels with your kids. Happy nights spent drinking your favorite craft beer in Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House will create warm and long-lasting memories of your days in Bend!


Spring Is the Best Time

As the flowers bud, the leaves return to the trees, and the smell of summer begins to tantalize your nose, some will say that spring is the only time to visit Bend. This is when the Bend Spring Festival comes to town, plying our town with great music, talented artists, smooth wines, and tasty foods. Planning a Bend vacation for the first week of April is always a great idea!


Fall Is the Best Time

Cool days, crisp nights, trees dressed in their finest autumn hues—fall is truly the best time of the year in Bend, and if you don’t do the crowd thing, October is when the tourists numbers start to drop. Lines at restaurants become shorter, many stores begin to offer end of season discounts, and quiet walks along the shores of one of the lakes or rivers that run through our valley will restore the peace in your soul.


Bend Oregon Events

There never is a bad time to visit Bend, it just depends on the adventures you are seeking! Reserve your Bend Vacation Rentals escape today and start doing your own research; when do you think is the best time to visit for many fantastic Bend Oregon events?

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