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Bend is a fairly normal town that just happens to be a favorite vacation location of people from all over the world, and while you may know the regular facts-It’s a great ski town, the Deschutes River flows through it, and it IS the home base of one of the best vacation rental companies in the country (Yes, we’re tooting our own horn!)-the things you don’t know may make us even more fascinating. Because knowledge is power, and it’s always fun to amaze your friends with your awareness of the interesting, we’ve compiled this list of Bend Oregon facts you may not know about Bend for your educational pleasure!


Top Bend Oregon Information: No Sales

Oregon is one of four states that has absolutely no sales tax, allowing your vacation dollars to stretch even further! So go ahead and spend as much time shopping as you want and buy that extra tchotchke or souvenir; if you look at it the right way, you’re SAVING money!


Can You Say Llama?

Among the least known Bend Oregon facts is that Oregon is home to over a quarter of the nation’s llama population. If you drive a short distance from Bend, you’ll find the Crescent Moon Ranch, home to a pack of the friendliest llamas in the state! Located at 7566 US-97, they also raise the soft and beautiful alpaca-stop by and check them out if you get the chance!


Bend Residents Love Their Dogs (and Yours, Too!)

Offering more dog-friendly businesses and off-leash play areas, we understand that your pets are family members, too! And because many of our Bend Vacation Rentals accommodations allow you to bring your fur baby (for an added fee), you don’t have to leave the most loyal and trustworthy “child” at home!


We Love Beer. A LOT.

We’ve led the revolution that has made beer as popular as wine, and with 22 breweries in our town alone, you never have to worry about going thirsty! Deschutes Brewery, located at 1044 NW Bond Street, is the fifth largest brewery in the world, and their selection of beers will amaze even the most jaded of travelers!


Bend Vacation Rentals Has the Home That is Just Right for You

The best vacations can be spoiled by the worst vacation accommodations, but that is not something you have to worry about here. Our mission is to spoil our guests, creating homes that are designed for family, friends, and making magical memories. Book with us today; we make it easy! For even more Bend Oregon information, reach out to us!

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