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Bom Dia Coffee

Take an hour or so out of your day to stop in and experience a cup of joe from Bom Dia Coffee, where you are guaranteed to have a very good morning. As a matter of fact, the name of the coffee shop just happens to mean “good morning” in Portuguese; isn’t that an amazing coincidence?

Located at 1444 NW College Way

Don’t let the nondescript strip mall Bom Dia Coffee in Bend, Oregon is housed in trick you into thinking this spot isn’t that special. As soon as you open the door and walk inside, the sights, sounds, and aromas will envelope you in a warmth you just don’t expect. Comfy leather seating vignettes offer the opportunity to read a book as you drink your heavenly beverage or simply sit there and watch the world of Bend go about its business. The industrial décor includes teal walls that complement the steel lighting nicely, rustic wood and metal tables and chairs, and plain concrete floors that haven’t been stained, painted, or made to look like anything more than what they are. The coffee is the star at Bom Dia, and your first sip will explain it all!

It’s all About the Coffee at Bom Dia Coffee

Yes, they do serve amazing breakfast sandwiches and the most delicious pastries you have ever tasted (baked daily and provided to Bom Dia Coffee in Bend, Oregon from a local bakery), but it’s the French Press coffee they serve that will have you coming back time after time during your stay in Bend. Smooth, rich, and dark, the brew offers an explosion of taste with every sip, and the chai tea they also offer for sale will please even the pickiest of tea drinkers. Students, young moms, hip grandmas, and everyone in between finds their way to the shop nearly every day to savor the experience as much as they savor the drinks and treats purchased here.

More Than a Bag of Beans

Bom Dia Coffee offers their beans for sale, and our Bend Vacation Rentals just so happen to have coffee makers inside their fully equipped kitchens! Every cup is made with love, and you will be able to taste the love with every sip of the coffee you’ve brewed yourself. We love to make life richer for our guests! Contact us to reserve your stay in one of our vacation rentals with us today.